PEG Removal

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Evening everyone I’ve recently had my PEG removed after getting the all clear. However the last few weeks I’ve been suffering from bad stomach cramps and pain when am eating and drinking. Is this common? 

  • Hi Red1. I've been gurgling and had a few bouts of trapped wind type pain after eating since Peg removal. I've started trying to work on my good gut bacteria drinking kefir, live yogurt etc and eat and drink sat upright. I think it's working. If it's bothering you and has lasted a while see your GP to give yourself peace of mind. 

    All the best and congratulations on your all clear x

  • Thanks for the reply, I went to the GP,

    just waiting on results from samples. 

  • I had mine removed about 3 weeks ago, and didn't have any trouble, it just leaked/ wept for a few days.

  • Hiya, I only experienced slight weeping from the site for a few days after removal.

    I, personally, didn’t experience any of the pain or cramps so would recommend checking with your care provider. Good luck and best wishes for recovery, Cheers