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wondered if anyone could give some support or advice 

I have had a really sore throat for a few months now and a swollen lymph node in my neck. Had three sets of anti biotics for tonsillitis but don’t think it had ever been tonsilitis. Anyway after getting shoved back and forth I finally seen my doctor today who has referred me under the urgent cancer pathway. I suffer health anxiety so this has been very stressful for me today. 

my pain with my throat started exactly when I got a trans palatal arch fitted un my mouth (Orthadontist treatment) it’s like a metal brace attached to the roof of the mouth. So when I was going back to my dentist etc they had said this would not cause the pain I am having. 

I am really worried as the sore throat seems to go away for a few days and then return. I have also had two teeth removed last week and delivered an infection in both so wondering if the sore throat could be down to this but it still persists a week later. 

The doctor also had a look at a lesion on my tongue but he was not sure if this was just enlarged taste bud or something else.

nor really sure of the point of this post just looking to see if anyone else has been refered under the same thing and could offer any advice? Does anyone know how long roughly I should wait to see ent? Having health anxiety is making it really difficult to continue day to day as normal.

thank you if you have got this far! 

  • Hi Rwilson92, sorry to hear you are having this worry. Most of us on here have been on the urgent cancer referral, it is usually within a couple of weeks, if you don't hear anything by then, go back to your GP. Most urgent referrals turn out to be nothing to worry about, hope this applies to you. If not be reassured the treatment for oral cancer is very affective with very high cure rates. Many of us on here have gone through the treatment and are still here to tell the tale. Try not to overthink it all, hopefully you will have your mind put at rest soon. You can ask anything you want on here, someone will always help, if they can. Let us know how you get on.


  • Ray is spot on. Most referrals are not cancer. I would add …. Find out which consultant you have been referred to and get their secretary’s phone number. If you haven’t heard from the hospital in two weeks get on to them and find out what’s happening 


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  • Hi. As the others have said over 90% of pathway referrals aren’t cancer. The pathway used to be 2 weeks I would go as Danis suggested find out consultants name and contact their medical secretary if you’ve not heard anything in 2 weeks. Please keep off dr google in the meantime as you’ll read all sorts and scare yourself more than you are already. Keep busy watch box sets go for  a walk. I’d hire unlucky enough to join us just remember head and neck cancers do have excellent outcomes. There’s lots of us on here to testify to that. 
    Hazel x

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  • Hi Rwilson92

    My ENT urgent referral took 14 days....as the others have stated very few referrals find cancer....try to stay off Google....keep yourself occupied....I went on holiday while waiting....not a pleasant time for you but try to be positive.

    Take care