squamous cell cancer head and neck

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My dad has just been diagnosed with squamous cell cancer head and neck, the tumour is located in the upper part of his oesophagus behind his voice box. He is going to have 6 weeks worth of radiotherapy and 2/3 sessions of chemo.

He has been told that the radiotherapy will leave the oesophagus full of scar tissue and that he has a low chance of ever eating or drinking again and will be on a RIG forever - he is devastated with this. 

We have our first appointment with his oncologist at Clarterbridge tomorrow, has anybody been told this information. We were hoping after his treatment he would be able to eat and drink again. 

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     One of our commiunity champs  is PEG (which is similar to a RIG) fed and will likely pop on to share his experience

    You can check out his story by clicking on his name which will take you to his profile page

    There are one or two others and they might spot your post and join in

    I see you have joined the oesophageal cancer group. I think you'll get more answers there.

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  • Good evening Skyla, I am so sorry for the late reply. I hope the meeting with the oncologist went as well as can be expected, my swallowing was weakened by surgery and treatment for 3 separate cancers in the head and neck, i can swallow liquids but not solid food and rely on my PEG/ RIG using Ensure food supplements, it was difficult to begin with but in time its just become part of my life. Please tell your dad its not all bad as i still lead a normal life although i cannot speak due to cancer of the larynx in 2010,its just a case of learning to adapt to the changes in his eating habits , hopefully he will still be able to eat afterwards as i know quite a few who have had similar to your dad and can still swallow okay, it just depends on how your dad recovers from the treatment and if any side effects occur like the swallowing. I know it all sounds daunting at the moment but he will be given the best care and treatment. As i said i have been PEG/RIG dependant since 2010 with no issues, i wish you both all the best with a positive recovery, take care.

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