Soothing that post-RT itchiness

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Trying to find something other than a very hot shower to soothe my neck when it gets maddeningly itchy is something I’ve banged on about a bit in here. (Sorry!) Three years on and I still get the itch from time to time and have tried lots of creams and lotions with limited success.

However, I’ve finally found something that works brilliantly and instantly, for me at least. Aqueous cream with 2% Menthol. (Bought online.) Total relief in a tube. 

Thought I’d share it in case anyone else gets the post-RT itch from time to time and is struggling to find relief. 

  • Although not RT induced I find E45 anti itch cream good for my dissection scars.  I also find the hot shower with a massage head great at loosening up tight skin.

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  • Great tip. Considering the itch is neuropathic in origin I bet it’s the menthol stimulating the nerve endings in your skin and confusing the transmission to your brain. 
    So pleased it works. 


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