Ready to get going

Dentist appointment done, no teeth out great stuff.

Saw oncologist not so bad as I thought, no spread...

Had mask fitted, was a bit worried about that but dealt with it okay, if I can cope with that then all good..had planning done, start date beginning of December but may be a bit earlier.

Just want to crack on with it...pain meds sorted and going to the loo so all good..

Decided not to tell some people as it's amazing how some people  have dropped me like a ton of bricks..even people I've known for years...

I've got this.

  • I've got this.

    You have. 
    Lots of others here who will share your road and who won’t abandon you. 
    Some people don’t know how to react and are frightened. Your friends wIll hold you. The others can be easily ignored.

    Stay with us. There’s so much help here. 
    Good luck xx


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  • That's great, you certainly have got it. The friends who have dropped you were never friends. It really does show you who's got your back in times of need. Stick with us we will always be here for you. Any worries or questions just ask on here, someone will always help if they can.


  • You really have got this. There is so much support, comfort, advice and useful info to get on here. It's funny, you really find out who your people are when you go through something like this... Good luck when your start date arrives :-)

  • Hi sounds like you’ve got this. Sadly many people do t know how to react your true friends will stick by you. Plus you’ve got us lot watching your back as well. Take everything one day at a time. 
    hugs Hazel x 

    Hazel aka RadioactiveRaz 

    My blog is  HPV 16+ tonsil cancer Now 5 years  post treatment. 35 radiotherapy 2 chemo T2N2NM.Happily getting on with living always happy to help  

  • Hi Alicent

    Cancer frightens people, with good reason, but your true friends will stick with you and support you.

    Oncology and radiotherapy teams will be immensely helpful in taking you through the treatment and recovery processes.


  • Like you dentist done no treatment, visit to hygienist tomorrow, blood tests Friday for another cancel signal found fromGalleri trial,, colonoscopy on Tuesday next week and radiotherapy on tonsils starts Thursday 23rd Nov for 6 weeks. Mask ready, CT scan done just awaiting schedule and meds. 

    Best wishes for your treatment, those who care will be there! 

  • Hi Cockapoosue,

    I finished my treatment 5 weeks ago.As the folk say on here just take one day at a time.You will see wee improvements week by week.Blowing my nose (who would have thought that could excite anyone !!??)  and being able to walk dogs again ! Have rests when you need them.Take all your meds on time.The time goes by quickly.

    All the best


  • Sounds like you dodged a bullet there - who needs friends like that?

    My experience was a bit different. Quite a lot of conversations went:

    'I've got cancer of the tonsil and am having radio and chemo therapy'

    'Oh, you're strong. You'll be fine. Now, did you see the football last night (or some other conversation changer)'

    At one stage all I wanted to do was talk about it.