Hello…I’m a newbie


i have had some hoarseness and pain for a few months and over last few weeks it’s got really bad. Doctor pushed for emergency ENT which was today. Arrived, was taken within minutes, few questions then the camera up my nose.. Moved to a different room where the doctor said there’s a tumour and it’s cancer. Saw a lovely cancer nurse.. I’ve to have a CT and biopsy where they will de-bulk the tumour asap.. I was back in car and on way home 40 minutes later. I’m totally shocked. Honestly maybe naively, I thought the worst news I’d get today was it’s suspicious.. 

Where do I even start… I’m a single mum, only entitled to 12 weeks sick pay.. how do you even begin to tell your kids you have cancer.. 

if you’ve read this far thanks! I’d love to feel like I’m not alone..

JB x