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Hi All 

Can anyone tell me if they had to have sevetal teeth removed before starting Radiotherapy? Im due for 8 to be removed on Tues/Wed.

Many thanks


  • Yes, I had six teeth removed. It was a few weeks after having my tonsil taken out. Then, I had my RIG fitted. It leaves you feeling fairly beaten up, before treatment even starts! Now, I am a couple of months post-treatment and I just had a checkup with the dental consultant. He said I am doing a good job of looking after my remaining teeth.

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  • Its really bonkers because they are extracting healthy teeth ? so Im feeling really worried about it as so many other people didnt have any extractions .My main concern is another 3 week delay in mask fitting and PEG already lost a stone Frowning2

    Thanks for your reply  

  • Yes I have had teeth removed. But that was down to having my lower left jaw removed.

    my dental reconstruction starts next week. Six months after surgery 

  • Hi Stevey N did you have tonsil removal brfore radiotherapy and chemo was it cancerous? I have cancer of tonsil now spreadt o ghroat base of tongue and 3 lymphs just waiting for PET scan resultsFingers crossedPray

    • Oh Debbie that sounds really tough ……good luck with the reconstruction. 
  • Hi Debbie

    Yes, I had 5 molars removed prior to radio and chemotherapy.

    It was one of the worst things in all of the treatment and its still a challenge to chew nearly 2 years on.

    I think you said in an earlier pist that you're being treated in Sheffield?

    I was treated in Sheffield. I presume you're with Weston Park and Charles Clifford dental hospital?

    Apart from the trauma of treatments Inc dental extractions and the lingering after effects I have, I really cannot fault the care I've had from all of the teams in Sheffield and the follow up care I'm still having. So I suppose its a question of balancing what you can tolerate now in terms of advised treatment and the potential serious after effects if you choose to not follow some of the advice. It's really difficult to make any of these decisions when you're reeling from the diagnosis and the hospital treadmill you have to step onto once you have this horrible disease.

    I'm sending all of my best wishes to you.

    Ask away if you want to know anything.


  • My tonsil turned out not to be cancerous. They had already identified base of tongue as the primary tumour, but they were concerned about my enlarged tonsil. Not a pleasant experience, but I found swallowing easier, without my tonsil. 

    With my teeth, the dental consultant identified these teeth as ones that I was likely to have trouble with. Extractions or root canal can be problematic after radiotherapy and so they want them out of the way beforehand.

    Diagnosed Feb 2023 with base of tongue cancer, oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (OPSCC), HPV positive, staging: T4aN2CM0

  • Thanks Shirley 

    I have heard Sheffield Charles Clifford and Western Parrk seem always to take teeth … but they are taking 8 which means I wont have any to chew with ? also worried about the time it will take to recovery as things beed to growing so quickly ! I have spoke to people in other ateas who had root canal work crowns and fillings without any extractions ??? so its all sooo confusing Im with Jim Lester 

    Thanks for your post x

  • Quick trip to your own dentist to see if the teeth are healthy? If they are you can refuse. 
    They are not going to refuse treatment


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  • Agree with Dani see if you can get into  dentist Monday    remember Lisa and Harry  he  refused in the day if extractions at Hull. He’s almost 3 years now. Like Dani says they aren’t going tk refuse to treat you. Did they give detailed reason why ? 
    Hazel xx

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