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I’m half way through my treatment plan and currently on week 3 of radiotherapy , what it is I am now finding it hard to eat food only thing I am eating is cornflakes, weetabix and soup anyone got advise on what food I can eat

  • Hi Janey,

    If the reason that you are finding it hard to eat is due to your oesophagus being obstructed by a tumour, then the other things I ate when I had the same problem were soft scrambled eggs, custard, milkshakes made with full fat milk and ice cream, tinned fruit, runny porridge. Important to get the calories in to reduce weight loss as this may hamper treatment. Hope this helps. CB

  • Hi Janey

    Is your oesophagus becoming more inflamed due to the radiotherapy? 

    Cool Blue's food suggestions are all great. If you're still struggling with those then speak to your nurse and/or dietician about Fortisip. Doesn't taste great but packs in loads of calories in a small bottle. You get it on prescription. It was all I was able to have for months (though mine was syringed through feeding tube). I had it delivered to my house as I had so much of it. 

    Take care,


  • Thank you nearing the end of my treatment 2 more weeks left of chemotherapy and radiotherapy I have got the fortsip drinks but  finding it difficult even to swallow liquid I have lost about 2 stone in weight o colitis t not ruling out feeding tube but they said if I can stick to this weight for the next few weeks hopefully after streatment it should settle down I will try cool blue suggestion hopefully this helps but I am still managing to eat soup

  • Hi Janey. Glad to hear your radiotherapy is nearing the end. Hopefully your tumour will now start to reduce in size and drinking/eating  will become easier. I would not get worried about using a feeding tube. I had one in for about 7 weeks (albeit post op) and found it worked very well. If you had asked me beforehand I would have been worried that I would feel it in my throat but as it happened I hardly noticed it. Outside of that I drank quite a lot of milkshakes loaded with tinned fruit and that seemed to help a lot with calorie intake.