Just joined the group. My husband has been diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer and we are still on the hamster wheel of tests and scans. We have an operation date now - so I'm wondering about caring for him when he comes home. I wonder if anyone can point me to a good source of recipes for meals I can puree that are tasty and cheering to get him eating (when he can)??  

  • What people can eat changes from patient to patient and from day to day. You will have to play it by ear. We were given a couple of booklets - at least on was from MacMillan with just what you ask for.

    Problems eating are not specific to oesophageal cancer so a wider search including particularly perhaps bowel cancer.

    My own feeling is that rather than mixing up several tastes in a puree, a better solution is a series of purees each with an identifiable clearer taste.   

    He should speak to his dietician.

  • Hi my husband had the operation 3 week ago slow cooker is amazing for food preparation it's hard but my husband is enjoying his food but very small portions

  • It's hard but u will get there soft foods first 3 week in my husband is eating meals from the slow cooker very small but he is enjoying it

  • Thanks so much. Did you purée food  to begin with? I'm thinking of getting a food processor. Do you think that's a good idea?  Hope your husband is doing well. Good to be in touch with someone coming out the end! Thanks 

  • hi i wouldnt buy one if you dont need to my husband for the first week mainly soup ice pudding full fat deserts even had cottage pie while he was still in hospital he enjoys fresh pasta just cook from fresh its hard but if he is positive it helps a lot meat in slow cooker with veg just falls to bits when is the op x

  • Thanks! The op is on 10 June. We've been doing loads if scans, tests etc for last month ... The consultant days it is curable so we are lucky I know  X 

  • very lucky we were told that not everyone gets told this good luck keep in touch x

  • Thanks I may have more questions... Please stay in touch thanks again x

  • Any time I know what it's like x

  • Hope you don't mind me contacting you again? You were so helpful! His op was 8 hours in total, and he spent a week in hospital but has been home now for about 10 days. We have some good days but more not-so-good days. He's suffering terribly with diarrhoea which is making him thoroughly miserable. As I am only feeding him pureed food I can't see a way round it -  how can anything in his digestive system be solid (if you see what I mean!)? I think the over-riding problem is he is so depressed about it. I keep pointing out the progress he has already made - he manages a short walk with me every day and we are gradually making them longer. I think he is so impatient to be well and won't give it time! The surgeon did warn us that recovery would be slow but it's hard to shake him out of his dark moods.... any ideas on either front would be very welcome!