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Is anybody else post-op still taking multivitamins? I’m on Forceval soluble once a day. I also take Lansoperazol 30mg twice a day. 

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    I noticed your message had not had any replies and I did not want you to think it  had not been seen though sorry I have no experience to share in this area as my wife's cancer is very different.

    Perhaps it might be worth discussing this with your pharmacist or GP as I guess this are being prescribed for you. Pharmacists are quite used to doing reviews of medication.



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  • Hello :-)

    Yes, I'm on Forceval, although now they've changed it to tablet form (they are like inch long bombs... I'd stick with the soluble if I were you lol).  I also take Omeprazole 20mg twice a day.  I've been told I will be on both for life, but I'm not finding either an issue. 

    In fact the Forceval makes me feel great.  I have honestly never felt so good inside for years!  Having said that, I used to suffer from anaemia and B12 deficiency, so that is probably why, as the Forceval does contain iron and B12.  I have regular blood tests, and had enzyme tests too last time I was checked, and all is stable and good, so the Forceval must be doing something right :-)

    If you're at all concerned and are still in touch with your team or Macmillan Nurse, please do ask though.  We're not all the same, and what is good for me might not be so good for you.