Esophageal cancer

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My brother was diagnosed with OC T2 in march by the time of diagnoses he was on a liquid diet only soups and fortisip shakes. His chemotherepy (FLOT) started 6 weeks ago today and today he has just went in for his last treatment. Before the treatment started he was upgraded to T3 and following scans there was a nodules in lung they wanted to check however after the 2nd scan the nodule was to small to determined if cancerous or not after just 6 weeks of treatment (3 sessions ) he is eating aswell as he ever has .has managed to keep weight almost exactly the same and barring an infection things have went well the 1st week out the chemo he struggles with most of the side effects if not them all but the 2nd week he beets and is in great form and pulls the weight loss and dehydration back.

How long has peoples surgery took place from when the chemo has finished? Also post surgery how long hospitalisation and can he expect to be able to walk and start and have a bit of independence again?.

The family is just curious as to what expect after it.

Fingers crossed everything goes to plan 

Thanks Hugh

  • How long has peoples surgery took place from when the chemo has finished?

    In my wife's case, it was about eight weeks.

    Also post surgery how long hospitalisation and can he expect to be able to walk and start and have a bit of independence again?.

    The length of hospitalisation will vary from person to person, and depending on whether or not any complications arise. But for my wife, things went very smoothly overall, and she spent about four days in ICU, then another seven days in a normal ward, and then came home.

    The day after her surgery, in the ICU, she was up and walking! (Albeit a very small distance, with assistance from the nurses, and with lots of pipework attached to her. But the medics encourage activity as soon as possible.) When she came home, she was completely independent.

    And, after another four months, she was back at work.

    As a final comment: my wife was a very good patient, and did everything that the medics asked her to do. That included taking reasonable length daily walks, whatever the weather.

    Best of luck! It's definitely major surgery but, with luck, your brother will be up and about sooner than you might have expected.

  • Hello and thank you for the reply! 

    Well done to your wife! Brilliant news! And thank you for the information fingers crossed we have the same ahead 

  • Hi Hugh. My surgery was 10 weeks after Chemo and Radiotherapy. During this time I felt really well and made the most of eating out and doing normal everyday things. 

    After the operation, I was in hospital for 10 days, with 4 in ICU and then 6 on a specialised Upper GI ward. The nursing staff were marvellous and were extremely knowledgeable. I still feel emotional when I think about their kindness and sensitivity. Like PTP’s wife, the Physio’s had me up the next day and then when I went to the Upper GI Ward on day five, I was able to shower and go to the toilet unaided and walk up and down the corridor as much as I wanted (obviously I had to drag my intravenous drugs with me, but it was all possible).

    Recovery is steady and slow but I did go out for walks once I was home, and 10 weeks after my operation I went up to Newcastle to see family, then a month later I went to Copenhagen to see my son and his family, followed by a week in Bologna in March, and finally a week in May in Puerto Pollensa. My energy levels are good, but occasionally I still have a down day, so not completely fit but definitely doing well. I made contact with a gentleman who had the same type of Cancer as myself and had the operation 13 years ago. He went to Mauritius six months after the operation. 

    Fingers crossed for your brother that everything goes well for him. Best wishes, Julie 

  • Hi Hugh,

    I had my surgery just 4 weeks after completing chemo. I had expected (hoped for?) a longer gap but had made the decision at the very start of my journey that I would always accept the earliest date for anything that I was offered as I just wanted this damn cancer out of my body. I was in hospital for 16 nights altogether (half of them in ICU as I had a post-op complication which kept me in for longer). I’m now 15 weeks post-op and had my final chemo session on Wednesday (I chose to stop after #7). You will always find plenty of advice and support on this forum from people who are further down the road than yourself. I found it an invaluable resource and feel like I have made several friends along the way, although we have never actually met. I hope you will feel the same as you and your brother continue your journeys along this most difficult of roads. Best wishes, CB

  • Thanks for the replies and Information. Seems to be a large vary in operation times after the chemo finishes. Which is interesting!  Thanks again