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My friend is becoming desperate upset and despairing about the regular being sick and regurgitating she's suffering after 4 rounds chemo and radiotherapy tumour has not shrunk at all and still totally blocking oesophagus including saliva. Can anyone please help w ith suggestions to eliviate these symptoms . Please is there hope the tumour will finally get smaller.

  • Hi Prof Plum

    I hope you do not mind me replying as I had a different type of cancer to your friend. By doing so it will bump your post and someone who has experienced similar, will hopefully see it and respond.

    I can understand how hard it must be for your friend to have these symptoms. During my own chemo, I found the tummy and nausea symptoms tough.

    Best bet is for your friend to speak to her CNS and get some support. They may be able to suggest some practical things that may help or even some medication. She could also talk through what would be the next step if the tumour does not respond to the current treatment. It may well be that it just needs more time or it could be that something else needs to be tried. 

    You (or she) could also give the Support Line a call and talk things through with one of the nurses who would be able to give further advice. 

    There may be some general information in here that would help.

    Oesophageal cancer booklet | Macmillan Cancer Support

    I hope this helps a bit- it sounds really unpleasant for your friend and I hope that something can be suggested to help alleviate it. 



    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

  • Thankyou for your reply Jane . I really appreciated it . Hope you are keeping well