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I s normal to feel lost my husband got it on autoimmune treatment its well good from last scan but I've dont believe it he always reflux or sick and most time on bloody loo so lost we dont have kids near us and can not afford to move we like 4 hours away so we a lone i the one with a feeling of lost dont sleep well some times i dont want eat just dont know what to do every tells see doctor  that's to embarrassing to do that to be what laboured depress i know that all ready we hardly talk now he sleeps in one room i in my room so some times i stop my own meds d2 and bloody pressure just dont want keep on this road 

  • Hi Onos,

    Although I have no experience of autoimmune treatment, I have had chemotherapy, surgery and am now on my post-op chemo and most of the side effects you are describing seem common to both. I think you really need to talk to your cancer team as all of these can be helped by tablets and medicines which they can prescribe for you (tablets for diarrhoea, constipation and nausea, medicine to help alleviate reflux, etc) I have used all of these and my side effects have been largely manageable as I result. Taking as much time as necesssry to rest (for both of you) is also important as fatigue is definitely another inevitable side effect of treatment and rest is the only thing that helps with that. I usually have an afternoon nap most days and in bed around 10pm or before. I hope some of this helps you but you definitely need to have a good chat with your cancer team and explain to them the issues you are having. You will find them very supportive. Good luck. CB