All out of fight.

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I would just like to with all my heart wish you all the best on the horrible journey. It is with a broken heart, my beautiful husband Mark lost his fight, I haven't been able to come on here until now, but he lost his battle at Easter. Thank you all for all the support you guys have shown us, bless you all x

  • Hi Deb 

    I’ve often wondered how you are doing ..I was so sorry to hear about Mark’s passing ..Hope you are looking after yourself and have lots of support ….This disease is so cruel


    J x

  • I whis I could say , but we lost our son 2 years ago last week, so feeling very lost and lonely. I just hope that one day a cure will be found so no one has to worry about it. 

    Bless you 

  • Hi Deb,

    I am so very sorry to hear this sad news. I am sure that Mark fought a hard fight, and God knows it is a hard fight, to stay with you. I hope his courage and strength will live on in you in the difficult months ahead. Take care. CB

  • Sorry to hear this ..Losing your son too ..You’ve been through an awful lot these past two years  ..There is a bereavement forum on here which may  help ..Your GP could possibly help in finding a support group too . I know it’s hard taking that first step but you may find some comfort in talking to people who know how you’re feeling right now .

    Best wishes  J x

  • Thanks jpm I appreciate your help,  I hope I'm able to ask but it's hard, knowing what to say and feel. Bless you 

  • So sorry for your loss Broken heart