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Hi All Can any one tell me how long you have to wait for an appointment to see the oncologist please

Hi Just an update on whats going on with me 

Had appointment with Oncologist on the 13th March and i am having chemoradiation,

Can any one tell me if they have had Paclitaxel & Carboplatin as the chemo  followed by radiotherapy

I am due to have Chemo every Monday for 5 weeks and radiotherapy for 5 days a week for 5 weeks

So Mondays are going to be hectic 

Has any one been through this or something similar 

Just waiting for Radiotherpy to get in touch  to organise the planning appointment

Thanks in advance


  • Hi Rob. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the Chemo drugs/infusion you have been offered as mine were different. However I did start Radiotherapy six weeks into my Chemotherapy regime, and like you, had five weeks of continuous Radiotherapy (excluding weekends). I found Radiotherapy to be pretty straightforward until the very last couple of sessions, where eating and swallowing became more difficult, and didn’t improve until about two/three weeks after it had finished. However, once improved I felt really good and did as many things as I could, before my operation 10 weeks later. I hope this helps in some way. I’ve recorded my story which gives more details on time frames etc. if you want to have a look. Wishing you all the best, Julie.

    • Hi, I have had the 5 week  chemo and extensive radio. In my case a great result.  Shrunk my tumour so I didn't need oesophagus removed.  I'm 2yr in know doing chemo again and immunotherapy as my cancer has gone to lung ..but I had a great result. 

    Good luck .


  • Hi Marcia

    Thanks for your reply it helped a lot, i already have Lung cancer but they are treating  the oc first as it is the one that is bigger. their hoping it will cure 'the oc and then they will concentrate on the lung if the chemo has not dealt with it already ( here's hoping )


  • Hi Julie

    Thanks for your reply it has put my mind at ease a bit, no opp for me as i have hart problems and the surgeon said he would not operate so they are hoping that this treatment will do the trick

    all the best for the future


  • Hi Marcia

    Can i ask when you chemoradiotherapy did it make thr side affects of the chemo worse ?