2nd Laparoscopy before Op. Anyone else?

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1st four FLOT completed, I had my CT scan on the 1st Feb and met with the surgeon on the 9th. I am trying to stay positive but I am a nightmare with my thoughts.

 My tumour has shrunk considerably (which I sort of knew as I can eat anything and have no other symptoms) but they want to do another laparoscopy on the 19th Feb. Reasons given. My tumour was very bulky it covered the junction and was also in the stomach. Junction now free and tumour only in the stomach and has shrunk. 

What the surgeon said, ? Is it oesophageal cancer or stomach cancer. ? 2 possible ways to do the OP, she then also said there are some lymph nodes next to the liver, ? they would remove these (are they attached to the liver ?) so they want to go take a look as the best way is to look visually. 

Operation penciled in for the 12th March and she said she feels it is a 95% green light for the Op. I have come away feeling really good. But am worried about the 5% and thinking about those lymph nodes and my liver? 
The whole team were so positive, I felt so positive then these bloody thoughts start to creep in.

anyone else had a pre op Laparoscopy? 

I am going to phone the team tomorrow, just to talk it out again. 

  • My tumour was at the junction of oesophagus and stomach, and I had a robotic Ivor Lewis oesophegtomy, taking two thirds of the oesophagus and a third of the stomach, as well as ALL the surrounding lymph nodes. It has been successful, thankfully, but I had a few pre-op worries.

    I had a 'hot spot' in my bowel during PET scan, and had to have a colonoscopy. This came back clear, thankfully, and in the end I felt quite reassured at having had the procedure. It was definitely a worry waiting though, but I was told that sometimes scans can throw up things like this. It's best to have anything checked before your operation so the surgeon can go in knowing as much as possible what to expect when he operates.

    I hope your fears can be allayed tomorrow. Good luck. x

  • Thank you NickyF, I hope you are recovering well after your Op, have you started your post Op FLOT? 

  • I have recovered well from the op, thank you :-) I have done three rounds of post-op FLOT too, but am really struggling with it, so hoping my last one can be reduced right down as I'd like to do the fourth. I speak to my oncologist on Tuesday, so we shall see what she says. My last one is due on Friday.

  • That feels fast NickyF, well done and yes I was asked if I wanted to reduce the 4th round but as I am pre Op. I said no, the 4th one seems tough pre and post, reducing your last one seems like a goodSparklesplan though. Good luck, take care. SparklesX

  • Hi Jenjen6

    I am following your story really closely as your diagnosis and symptoms as well as the tumour are almost the same as mine. Even your timeframe and operation closely match mine.

    I have been told that U have a huge chink (tumour) between the oesophagus and stomach. My eating was hampered too - which was how I spotted it last September. From then I. have had a speedy response, Endoscopy, CT scan, MRI scan to the liver, CT-PET and a Staging Laparoscopy, plus 8 weeks (4 x FLOT) of chemo.

    Just had my pre-op meeting and CPET to see if I am fit enough for the operation. My weight is stable at about 99 kilos - so hoping I do not lose too much weight after the operation - I read a lot of post saying that 15% of body weight loss is not uncommon,

    Op is set for March 5 - so just over 23 days away. I am pretty anxious and reading some positive posts on here - is reassuring but also the recovery seems so lengthy. I am strong in my mind, but those around me are not so. My wife is really struggling to come to terms with it and I show her details of everyone's positive stories from here and she doesn't want to know.

    I too will have lymph nodes removed from the Oesophagus. I have been able to eat most foods recently without some of the earlier symptoms (sticking) - so hoping that that is a positive sign of tumour reduction.

    I do hope that your operation happens and it looks like we will be recovering almost a week apart - so please (don't feel you have to) keep posting as and when you can - I am eager to follow your journey. Good luck and I am sure those liver lymph nodes are merely precautionary.

    I must say I have very high and very low days - so take some comfort when others share their stories. I appreciate that we are all different and have very different physically.

    Good luck - speak to the team tomorrow to put your mind at ease. I am sure it will be ok and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.


  • We are on the same time scale, I to was diagnosed in Sept. I will let you know ( and all) where I am next week. The surgeon said being able to eat and no feelings of sticking is a better indicator of the a reduction in size then any scan.

    Yes the post Op. does sound tough but the beast has gone, will be my thought for each day. It is good to read others journeys, it does help.

    My husband does struggle and wants to wrap me in cotton wool, at the same time I don't think I could have got through 6 lots of Chemo without him, I had 2 different types of Chemo before the FLOT as I was re-diagnosed!! 

    I am having more up days then down at the moment, but that will change as I move towards the 19th, I got told today I am 1st on the list for the theatre, so I will have my answer by lunch time.   

    Thank you Bob, take care 

  • Hi Jenjen6

    Yeah - I have heard that I will be first to have my op - apparently there will be 2 that day - and I mine is due to be the first one. I am worried, especially with 3 weeks (tomorrow) to go.

    I am still immersed in a full time job (keeping my mind off of things) and doing extra exercise to get as fit as I possibly can be.

    I tried to explain to my son tonight how seriously horrendous the ops will be and what I would look like afterwards. Obviously there are risks and I will need to make sure my personal affairs and details are well documented.

    I am trying to grab a few moments in time before the op (just in case) - playing golf, eating food I never would have attempted before discovering the tumour.

    Until discovering the tumour - just under 5 months ago now - I never would have believed that there were so many of us - fighting this horrid disease.

    As mentioned before - my wife will not discuss it and doesn't want to know. I want to know everything about the operation - but she wants to no nothing. I find that hard because I want to discuss it openly and with those around me - not to scare them - but to face up to reality of the danger, risks and recovery.

    Anyway - hope that you will everything goes well with your operation and journey and will keep monitoring your progress.

    Take care too… Bob