Hi , my name is Marcia. I have t3 tumour ,2nd lung and nodes. On my 3nd lot of chemo. My problem is dentist. Git major receded gums. Bad tooth any help

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I had my head around it all on my first diagnosis,  but when I was told I responded well. I thought shit yeah.  Not my time yet . 

Then the lung , day of feeling sorry for myself.  But Yeah can do this. But new tumour aswell. .. well I'm sorry for my language,  but at the moment it's Fuck me ...just passed off

  • Hi Marcia, i would direct this to the nurse on here they might be able to help. i dont know if we can have dental treatment if on chemo or other treatments so i would double check with your consultant first. Sorry to hear the cancer is in new places i know how you feel my secondary cancer is on the move and i have been know to swear quite a few times. Just check before you do anything with a dentist.

  • I had a dental abscess during my very first round of FLOT chemo, and ended up neutropenic with sepsis, in hospital isolation for a week, on antibiotic drips. I had the offending tooth removed by the Maxillofacial surgeon, who did a fantastic job. Being on chemo didn't affect me having it out, it vastly improved the situation and I was discharged with oral antibiotics after a week and made a full recovery. If you need dental help, please do seek it before it gets worse. Wishing you luck Marcia, it sounds like you're having a rough time right now. x