6 week wait for dads Operation

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Why do they leave you 6 weeks waiting before your operation? That worry’s me ( if it’s shrank off chemo whos to say it doesn’t grow back and spread just as quick in thoses 6 weeks waiting? For my dad this btw xx

  • Hi, Don’t worry about the wait for the op. My husband’s cancer took a big kicking from the chemo. He needed the break before to work on getting fit for the operation. It is the biggest surgery anyone can have. Ask about Pre-hab to help get him in the best condition as it helps with recovery.  Steph 

  • Thanks Steph!!!…. How was your husband after his op and now? Hope he’s doing well xxx

  • Hi 

    Just really echoing  JayStevie’s comments really but yes don’t worry .The six weeks is just a standard rest period to allow your Dad to recover some level of fitness level after his chemo cycles .

    My husband’s OC also took a real battering to from the pre surgery chemo  

    Your Dad is in expert hands ..Trust the process .

    Best wishes 

    regards J 

  • Hi, My husband was just over 9 weeks from end of chemo to having his operation. He was so weak and couldn't eat or drink in the last few weeks, he couldn't do any prehab as he was so weak and had lost 5 stone in the end everything was a rush to get the operation done. He's now 4 months post op and he has hopefully just turned the corner. He was determined to complete the 4 post op chemo's despite loosing more weight n feeling dreadful.  He's struggled with his mobility but has always had an appetite since the operation, He's fortunate nit to have suffered with dumping syndrome. We are hoping for onwards and upwards from now on. Fingers crossed.

    Hope your dad gets his operation very soon. Take care xx