2cm tumour very worried

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Hi everybody I’ve been reading through everyone’s posts trying to find the answers I’m looking for but thought I’d just ask if anyone has had the same experience, I’m 39 and just before Christmas I went the gp with mild stomach pain , my dad died of bowel cancer at33 so I have regular colonoscopies so any pain in the stomach there’s no messing about I go straight the docs ,I was sent for a scope and I was shocked to find out I had a 2 cm tumour in my esophogus , biopsy confirm cancer I’ve had a ct scan have a pet and mri booked in for next week, my question is on my ct I asked why the follow up scans and I was told there was a tiny spot on my liver which would need to be checked out ,would a 2 cm tumour have spread to my liver ?? other than the stomach I have no other symptoms? Thanks in advance for any advice / kind works 


  • Hi Kevin, sorry you find yourself here. I had a 3cm tumor near the stomach junction. I had follow up scans after an endoscopy which found the cancer. I never questioned the follow up scans as I assumed it was just some sort of confirmation. My staging was T3N1M0.

    I'm sorry but I can't answer your question. From other posts though, I can't remember anyone with a small tumor having a spread. I assume it must be possible though. I suppose you just have to wait for the results of the follow up testing. Not an easy time because no matter how positive your attitude till always have worst case scenario in you mind.

    Good luck going forward. Let us know how you get on please. You have a tough journey ahead but you can get through it. I have just finished treatment, FLOT - surgery - FLOT, ten months in all. 

    Best regards


  • Thanks for your reply fingers crossed 

  • Sorry I have no advice but wanted to wish you well on your  journey. 

    Sending love Heart️ 

  • Thank you both for taking  the time to reply wish you all the best for the future 

  • Hi  sorry to hear your news.

    My husband is 43 and his has a 7cm tumor and is currently in the middle of his pre op chemo.

    He had a CT scan the day after diagnosis and he came back with concerns regarding his liver and pelvis, he then had a pet CT scan, MRI and the stomach surgery and we received the best news that the cancer hadn’t spread. 
    im not actually sure what the spots were they found on the CT, I think just fatty tissue but it wasn’t cancer.

    Fingers crossed that you receive the same outcome. 

  • Hi Kev84, My husband felt sick for four weeks and after a trip to A&E we found out he had cancer of the liver, an endoscopy the following week showed a 2cm tumour 37cm down near the stomach, the cancer on the liver is 9cm and they are saying that’s secondary, it’s also in his lymph nodes and following another ct scan he has a nodul in his lung. We were told he has 3 months without chemo and 9 to 12 months with it. Chemo starts on the 15th. Since his diagnoses on the 24th November he has only had the sickness feeling and stomach ache. 
    He has however deteriorated rapidly and lost over a stone and half due to the feeling sick. fingers crossed it has not spread and hoping they have caught it early for you. It’s the unknown and the waiting that’s the worst. I hope you have plenty of support 

  • Just to give an update I’ve since had a pet scan which unfortunately revealed it has now spread to my liver and some nodes , I’ve been told I am only getting palliative cheamo which to me sounds crazy as I feel fine ! No symptoms other than pain in my stomach , I’ve been told surgery is no longer an option, my question is if the chemo does it’s jobs and gets rid of the small liver spots will I then be a candidate for surgery ? I’m really worried I’m only 39 and have 2 young kids who need me .

  • Hi Kev84

    Sorry to hear your diagnosis isn't good. The chemo can work really well for some people and I'm sure they will review it again afterwards. They will always fight as hard as they can for every patient.

    I have just had my stomach removed because of a 5cm tumour. I will then have more chemo. I know it's difficult but just keep fighting as best you can.

    Best wishes


  • My wife  and I have young family too so my heart goes out to you mate.

    From my limited knowledge palliative treatment supports managing symptoms and stopping the growth. I’m not sure if there is a curative element to it? Your consultant will provide more as looking on the internet probably won’t do you any favours.

    For now I guess get on the treatment plan and each cycle hope that each scan shows that things have turned around.

    I would just go into full on fight mode. Ask for  a second opinion maybe or ask about/research into any clinical trials there may be? alternative medicines, change of diet, anything… Don’t worry about offending anyone or their expertise.

    I’m sure stranger things have happened and there have been people out there that have had a sudden turn around.

    Best of luck Fingers crossed tone2