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hello husband had no real change op was not able to have due to found second tumour but that's was removed but then op was unable to be done so went through 11 chemo's than for nothing now we been offered 6 more chemo with autoimmune system now that's all done now we start autoimmune treatment but we had pickle line removed last time now having a port put in the thing is u only ever get part info like to start the immune treatment we have to have a port line put in first found out by phone about another important call now we have it but guess what no one seams to know what hospital it is in Chorley or Preston, he up some days down more than often pain sickness hardly sleeps most nights  ,life goes on i suppose the tumour lower bowel was removed all his tumour in oesophageal has not spread did shrink some some ok as far as u can tell .but really hard someday to get him to move from tv or even talk all he keeps saying I cant go on wants end the treatment money dont help he been chasing a consultant letter to claim his insurance but every time we phone or see her get told oh yes i do it been now over 9 weeks chasing we even sent my daughter instead of me but we still waiting phoned to today got told I remind her that's gets him down as he wanted the money to move nearer our daughter for more support as we live 4 hours away (he not good on the phone)  so he on a down road he wanted to be nearer her before immune treatment starts as its for 2 years treatment,

  • well no news he not feeling well in lot pain but not sure why he having made wind /blocked stent /some how  he suppose to eat but what run out of ideas tried the thing is we been told at lest 30 items that includes ingredients so some what ok but get him to eat a little more not so easy , he still tired all the time and feels cold in his legs badly we got them to check for iron etc no results yet 2 weeks ago since so fed up with the bloody waiting for anything u request gets me down watching him be off , just finish a second round of chemo now having to start immune treatment but his veins are no good now so having port line put in he didn't want the pickle line put back in he hated it , and he terrified of needles as it is , so we having port put in instead of pickle line , thanks to McMillion nurse who informed me he can as chemo been done now , why might i ask what's makes them think your ask questions your all ready in shock /scared , /

    well we start autoimmune treatment on 3oth its for 2 years some side effects i only hope not as bad chemo for i know he just give in , we chasing a letter for our insurance been over 8 weeks very flustering he keeps asking every time he wants to move nearer our daughter who lives 4 hours away for support while he feels off as he dont seam to talk very much well he a sleep !! quite a bit so im left on my own for days till he come off a down days , very lonely feeling i dont drive cant leave him as he frets as he on own , so life last year  and half dont see much of it now winter here well rain likely not to be able to get out going to hard ,