Food - shakes - supplements, suggestion/advice please

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Good morning

My growth is at the OG junction, I am swallowing fine, no spicy food, onions or garlic. I have to eat/drink slowly. My 1st meal, porridge tends to go down, no problems as do yogurts. My other meals are then hit and miss, which are becoming more of a miss.

Sorry to be descriptive so early, food goes down, say 3 mouthfuls, I then get tiny burps, then salvia increases, I then bring up clear sticky mucus, sometimes food, sometimes not.  The consultant said (after my staging op) it is very tight down there?

I have my 1st treatment on the 23/10, 1st apt with the oncologist this Thursday

So instead of constantly worrying about how many CALs I am getting each day, does anyone have high calorie supplements , I have brought ensure which are 300cals, I am wanting 500?

Thanks in advance

  • Hi Jen,

    I don't know if this will help. I have just had my op to remove tumor from stomach/oesophageal junction. I was discharged with a prescription for Nutricia Fortisip. I am drinking 3 a day at 300 calories each. Not sure how long I will be needing them but am still loosing weight while getting used to my new normal eating regime.

    Why don't you see if you can get some on prescription too.

    Best regards


  • Hello Geo, thank you for the advise. I have made a note. I have put in a call to the dietician also. I have read your blog, it is a really good read, a great comfort. thanks for sharing. 

    Best wishes Jen 

  • I've tried them all, I think Altraplen have the most calories at 600 - but they are very thick and can be tough to get down, but if you mix them with milk that makes them easier to sip. You ought to be able to get them on prescription that's ridiculous that they are forcing you to buy them, they are not cheap.I am currently on fortisip compact , they are 300 cals but they are only a couple of mouthfuls and easy to drink so you can get through them without noticing them hardly
  • I was prescribed fortisp by my dietician 

  • Hi Joe, I have just spoken to the dietician and she is going to send me some samples, one that you mention above. It looks like I will now have them prescribed also. appreciate your response :-)

  • I think if you are really struggling the fortisip compact ( not the ordinary ones) are the easiest to get down 

  • Hi Jenjen,

    I was advised to add dried milk powder Marvel to as many things as possible to increase calories. Are you in contact with a dietician, they give advice and send out drinks for you to try. The MacMillan nurse may also advise you. Don’t be shy of contacting theses people

    Good luck x

  • As an update, I have chatted with the dietician and she has given me samples, she has written to my GP with my choice and asked them to prescribe. I have also been given some shots as top ups. My beast is right at the junction so obviously Rolling eyes eating is stressful, now that I have these shakes 600cals it’s one less thing to contend with. Hopefully was chemo gets underway it will shrink and elevate this symptom. Although I am scared I am eager to start so roll on the 23rd..

    thank you all for the support  x 

  • Hello Jen, you are little bit further down the line than me I think, I have had endoscopy and CT scan, hoping to meet the team next week. I was initially advised liquid diet but nurse said carry with soft food, which is as you say is a bit stressful. Could I asked a brief description of the diet you have been given and what are the shakes. Hope you don’t mind. Thanks

    all the best

  • Hi,my tumour was in the same place as yours.I couldn't  even swallow  water and had to have  a j tube fitted. 

    After 1st chemo,I could eat again. 

    Now looking forward to my op.Grinning