Hunger returning

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Completed treatment end of June flot op flot and I’m wondering does anybody get the hungry feeling back .

from time to time I get the old feeling of just wanting to eat something desperately ! my old normal of feeling hungry for a few hours and then it disappears , has anyone got there hunger back completely ? 
thanls mark 

  • Hi Mark b

    Just saw your post and while I can't answer your question just wanted to relate that my dad is nearly 10 weeks post op and he doesn't feel hunger at all. If it weren't for me popping in several times daily (I live next door) I'm not sure he'd think to eat. I bought him a timer to try and set 2 hour time gaps so he remembers to eat, but he's still struggling to eat much. He still has a jej tube and has night feeds ( a godsend really) but I'm hoping that he'll eventually settle into a routine. He's due to start post op chemo in over 2 week, which is another worry because he lost all taste with it last time and I know he's dreading that all over again. It's really tough and a massive learning curve. I hope in time your hunger returns, but like I've told my dad, he has to treat his food like medicine, and try to get the calories in. Wishing you well going forward.

  • Hi Mark B 

    I was told by the surgical team that it is very difficult to do this op without damaging some nerves which includes the one which sends hunger signals. As a result it is common never to feel hungry again. I am now 11 months post op and never feel hungry.  I do sometimes get a feeling that I need to eat, that I am empty, which I assume is my bodies way of letting me know I need to eat.  I still find it hard to bother to eat sometimes, when you’re not hungry and eating often gives me stomach ache so when I get that empty feeling I use it to eat as much as I can that day! 

  • Hi Mark b 

    Still no return of feeling hungry for my husband nine months post surgery ..Ive read there can be nerve damage during surgery which causes this ….My husband says it’s a bugger to live with and he was never told about it before surgery .

    regards J 

  • Hi, I had flot op flot back in 2020 and still don't feel hunger properly, I'm told it's due to cutting vegus nerve. Get the odd hunger feeling sometimes but nothing more. That's why I set a timer to remind me I need to eat.

  • I will add my phone alarm beeps every 2 hours during the day to.remind me, its easy to deal.with, you don't need to eat much. Then I have something just before bed to see me through and help prevent reflux, I hope that helps