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My husband is now 9 weeks  post adjuvant FLOT following his oesophajectomy surgery. He is eating really well but not gaining any weight as yet. He was around d 75 k pre op a.d now hovers around 62k. Does anyone who has been through this treatment know how long it takes post treatment to gain any  weight. His dietitian isn't really concerned and has told him he may not get back to his pre treatment weight,  however  a few  ponds wouldn't go amiss. If anyone has any useful advice we would be grateful .

  • My only advice would be: don't worry unduly about getting back to pre-treatment weight. If your husband's weight is now stable, and he's eating regularly, then I think you're in good shape. Just carry on doing what you're doing - he'll continue to get stronger.

    Best wishes!

  • Hi PTP ,

    Thanyou for your positive reply any idea how long it will take for him to get his strength back.

    Best wishes to you. 

  • Well, it took a good six months post-op till my wife's eating and weight really got stable. (And, my wife never did get back to her pre-op weight - but that was never really the goal.) She did get back to work about four months after the op - but she was very determined to do that!

    My best advice to you is to be patient - and to continue what you're doing. Your progress sounds very good to me - and the entire thing takes a lot of time to recover from. I think, for now, the only major 'red flag' to watch for is sudden weight loss.

    All the best!

  • Thankyou PTP

    Will see what the New Year brings weight wise.

    it will be around the 6 month mark by then. 

    Thanks for the heads up about sudden weight loss,certainly something to be aware of.

    Our best wishes to you and your wife 

  • I was told pre op that post op it would be difficult to gain weight so was surprised when I started being checked to see if I was now gaining.  I haven’t gained any weight in fact 11 months post op I am still losing all be it very slowly.  I did have weight to lose so don’t want to gain weight but I am not trying to lose either.  I think we are all different, my activity levels are higher now than they were pre op so that will have come into it as well. I should say although there was an expectation I would gain weight no one seems concerned I am not doing so they are more interested that I am getting better in myself. 

  • Hi Patrick’smum can I just ask how tall is your husband and how heavy hewas before the post op chemo. We have been told my husband may not have post op chemo due to so much weight loss but I am thinking  your husband must of been very underweight undergoing post op chemo.


  • Hi Poppop,

    In answer to your questions, my husband is 5ft 11inand weighed 77k pre op amd 69k before his final FLOT  therapy.

  • Hi Jacpop,

    Thanks for your reply  it is nice to know we are not the only ones with this problem.

    I have to say husbands dietitian was not concerned about his weight and like yourself his activity level has increased sine his post op FLOT finished.

    Good luck on your journey. 

  • Hi Patricksmum

    I understand your concerns as I'm going through a similar situation with my dad. He is 9 weeks post op and due to start his post op FLOT chemo in over 2 weeks. Dad's weight is a real issue for us right now. I just constantly feel I'm worrying about it. Dad had a jej tube fitted during surgery and I'd say he's relying on it a fair bit at the moment. He recently started having swallowing problems and he's practically gone back to very soft foods but still not eating enough. If it wasn't for his feeding tube I dread to think how much weight he'd be losing. Fortunately dad is going to have dilation/ stretch performed this week, and am really hoping that helps to improve his eating. It is such a worry, and I feel I'm always encouraging dad to eat, round the clock. He doesn't really have an appetite, so I've bought him a timer to remind him to eat. Dad is about 5'10" and currently weighs around 10st 6lbs. Never realised before how much of a worry the weight and eating situation would be. I do hope things start to improve for your husband, but I'm guessing it'll be a slow and steady process. Sending best wishes to you both.

  • Aw my husband is also 69kg but a little shorter. Thanky you that’s reassuring. Regards Jacky