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My husband is now 9 weeks  post adjuvant FLOT following his oesophajectomy surgery. He is eating really well but not gaining any weight as yet. He was around d 75 k pre op a.d now hovers around 62k. Does anyone who has been through this treatment know how long it takes post treatment to gain any  weight. His dietitian isn't really concerned and has told him he may not get back to his pre treatment weight,  however  a few  ponds wouldn't go amiss. If anyone has any useful advice we would be grateful .

  • HI My partner started regaining weight a few months after op, a year gone and hes nearly same as before he always wen to gym and has the body builder look, hes got that back muscle and all, hes been on creon for a long time he takes 6/7 every time he eats to keep the weight on and uses protein gainer shakes too, maybe something you want to ask the dietician about.

  • Hi ..I wouldn’t worry so soon after your husbands surgery ..It’s taken my husband over a year to regain the majority of his three stone weight loss ..If your husband is eating well then I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he starts to put the pounds on ..We were  told not to expect an immediate weight gain as it would  take time and some people may not return back to the weight they were before .My husband has two supplementary drinks (prescribed by his dietitian)  each day which gives him an extra 600 calories ..The best advice he was given was by his surgeon who simply said ‘Eat and drink what you can when you can ‘ ..

    regards J