CT scans


just wondering what people’s experiences have been with regards to timings and follow up.. 

Been on a journey of waiting for appointments after diagnosis of OC back in March.. took some time but finally got a plan for chemo and completed the 4 rounds of FLOT 

How long have people been waiting for the CT scan following completion of chemo and a plan made if assessed as suitable for surgery initially?

it’s been 5 weeks since finishing chemo to get the CT but still waiting for a plan and discussion with the MDT which will be over two weeks after the CT scan to even discuss results of the scan and to get any kind of plan… is this normal and what most experience? 

Thank you 

  • Oh wow so always know what’s coming up and a plan? We’re in the midlands… it feels very much like hitting your head against a brick wall everytime you ring, it seems there’s ‘delays’ with everything and always seems to be excuses why plans aren’t in place.  It’s becoming so frustrating that they don’t seem to realise it’s someone’s life not just waiting for a skin tag removal appointment. Really appreciate the reply 

  • It’s nice to hear that somewhere seems to be getting it right and is keeping you informed all the way through. I think it’s a case of postcode lottery sometimes isn’t it.. finished chemo start of July and still have no idea what the CT scan results are post chemo… no appointment offered until September… I completely understand the pressures and staffing/strikes etc etc but I definitely expected better care than what’s been given so far Disappointed

  • Hi

    Although we had  no complaints during my husband’s  treatment for OC ..We are finding pretty much the same with delays here in the North West ..My husband’s first  monitoring follow up appointment took place seven months afterwards and not three months as we were initially told ...The aftercare to be honest has been non existent ( apart from his dietitian) even though we were told there would be a comprehensive after care package available….We’ve had to push for everything ! He now has another monitoring appointment in October which works out at only two in the first year post treatment and not the scheduled four ..We were told these  appointments are essential for monitoring and picking up on any new symptoms which could  indicate a reoccurrence of the Cancer but suddenly they don’t seem  to be essential anymore ! 
    Scary times indeed ! 
    regards J