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just wondering what people’s experiences have been with regards to timings and follow up.. 

Been on a journey of waiting for appointments after diagnosis of OC back in March.. took some time but finally got a plan for chemo and completed the 4 rounds of FLOT 

How long have people been waiting for the CT scan following completion of chemo and a plan made if assessed as suitable for surgery initially?

it’s been 5 weeks since finishing chemo to get the CT but still waiting for a plan and discussion with the MDT which will be over two weeks after the CT scan to even discuss results of the scan and to get any kind of plan… is this normal and what most experience? 

Thank you 

  • Hi there, it's about the same timescale for me. I'm at the same point as you are in fact. 

  • Ah tthanks for the reply, it just seems such a long wait between getting appointments and a plan doesn’t it, was hoping to have more information from the CT scan sooner than a couple of weeks

  • Hi Klm03,

    Sorry you're being messed about a bit.

    I had my CT scan 11 days after fourth chemo. And then got a call after MDT meeting a week later. I was told that the tumor had shrunk and I would be contacted about surgery. Since then I have had appointments made for this Thursday to discuss surgery and sign consent forms I think. Then I have a pre-op on 30/8 and my surgery on 12/9. All at Derby Royal Hospital. 

    Good look. It does seem to be a bit of a lottery at times.

    Best regards


  • My partner had about 8 weeks in-between his last chemo and actual surgery. Pre op appointments and seeing the surgeon in-between. It does feel.like forever when you're going through the process.

  • My partner had surgery at Derby Royal on 26th June. So he's now 9 weeks post operative. His operation was a complete success, but it is tough after. He's due to start his second round of FLOT on 1st September. 

  • thanks for the response GeoFerret, it’s good to hear what other hospitals do as I feel like I’m moaning or expecting too much, it seems Derby are definitely more on it. It very much feels like a postcode lottery doesn’t it which when it comes to cancer care you’d expect good standards everywhere but it seems that’s not always the case. Everything crossed it all goes to plan for you, such a difficult journey!

  • Ah Birdy18, great news your husbands op was a success! It seems Derby get some plans in a bit sooner than what we’re experiencing, i completely understand the nhs and the way things are at the minute hospital to hospital but it becomes so frustrating when drs strikes/bank holidays and delays with reports etc all become a factor when you’re waiting on something so important. Such a long process 

  • This is alarming to read. What part of the country are you in? I'm due to have surgery at Southampton General, am due my last FLOT chemo next week, but have already received my POST-OP appointment for December, and have my PRE-OP fitness assessment on 14 September. They're shooting along with it, and although I've not had an actual operation date yet, I'm expecting it to be about October time. I had my diagnosis confirmed May (although I was told likely cancer straight after endoscopy at end of April). I've had CT scan, PET scan and colonoscopy in that time too, it's been a whirlwind. I would definitely be pushing for your scan. Do you have a contact card for Upper GI team? I'd be ringing, emailing and generally making a pest of myself. I feel for you, the worry must be awful. I do wish you luck for your ongoing treatment, and well done on completing chemo. That is tough, very tough! You've done amazingly well to get this far.

  • Hi Klm03

    My dad completed his 4th cycle of pre op FLOT on June 7th. He shortly after that got his date for his surgery which was July 18th. We thought at the time it was very quick (barely 6 weeks) but weren't complaining. His CT scan was done soon after his last chemo at Sunderland ( we live in the North East ) but think there was a mix up as they scheduled another one a week before his surgery (on July 10th) This was done through the RVI at Newcastle (fantastic hospital) So dad actually had 2 CT scans! He is under the care of the RVI and they wanted him to have the most up to date scan right before surgery. I've found we've been lucky with timings and the RVI seem very on the ball (as hospitals should ideally be) but I hope things start moving quickly for you. I would definitely contact your specialist Upper GI nurse. I know dad's was very good at chasing anything. Best of luck to you.

  • I agree with you Nicky F, I’d push.