OC eating disorder


I'm heartbroken to let you know about my brother, who passed away recently having fought OC.  I feel I should make it known how it affected him.

He was still fairly young, in his 50's, and fit and healthy.  Not being able to eat and drink (he had a stent fitted) even his limited diet, led him to having an eating disorder.  He was scared to try, in case it came back on him.  It meant he lost weight that he couldn't afford to lose.  It became an argument with him to get him to eat or drink.

We tried to get him help and did the best we could, but there wasn't anywhere we could have him taken to for respite care to help with eating and drinking to gain weight.

He was eventually admitted to hospital who were brilliant with him, but he was too frail to fight back and we lost him.

I did research at the time, but nobody I spoke with had heard of this situation.

I hope that making it known what happened to my brother might help someone else suffering this horrible disease.

  • I’m so sorry to hear your story. My dad had a stent fitted today. But he wasn’t able to drink or eat a thing on Friday. So he decided to try it. It was his choice. I fear it won’t be a good outcome whether he has the stent or not. He is so weak now. I am just so sad. And I understand how you feel. Biggest hugs. This is an awful disease. 

  • Thank you, that's very kind.  I am so sorry to hear that.  My thoughts are with your dad and you.  That he has had a stent fitted, should allow him to eat food and drink liquids which are able to pass through it.  A nutritionist at the hospital he's in should also be arranging to speak with him about a specific eating plan to help build his strength up.  My brother had an NG naso-gastric feeding tube for a time after his stent was fitted.  He was fed overnight at home by a pump with a high protein liquid.  This helped him, then he then went on to eat as well as his illness allowed.  You might want to speak with the nurses who are looking after your dad about him having the NG tube fitted meantime.  Please make sure to take very good care of yourself too.

  • So sorry for your loss ..Take care .

    regards J