Vomiting daily

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Just wondering has anyone any advice on throwing up on a daily basis, maybe only once a day then phlem at night but its getting a bit worrying.  my partner is 1 year post surgery, he could eat normal on minute then few hours later half a banana and throw up.  Hes not losing any weight apart from 2 weeks ago he had severe diorhea for 10 days and lost 8 pound but has put it back on again.  The Dr gave him an antibiotic which helped that tho it still happens but the throwing up, surely sisnt normal after a year?


  • My husband is the same he had another endoscopy and everything looks ok , he has his antibiotics upped , he can eat something today and be fine then eat the same thing tomorrow and be sick its been 10 months post op its really puzzling 

  • His last one they said was fine but he got a call a few days ago so they are bringing him in next week for another one and some botox and a stretch so hoping its just normal, also his 6 month app with the surgeon the week after so at least I can ask some questions then. My partner isnt on any medication at all, im hoping its just normal and will calm down.  Everyone saying because hes not losing weight he is ok but when he was diagnosed he wasnt losing weight either that only came with the chemo.

  • Yeah they seem to think if no weight loss it’s ok , hopefully it will help it’s horrible for them , take care