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Just wondering has anyone any advice on throwing up on a daily basis, maybe only once a day then phlem at night but its getting a bit worrying.  my partner is 1 year post surgery, he could eat normal on minute then few hours later half a banana and throw up.  Hes not losing any weight apart from 2 weeks ago he had severe diorhea for 10 days and lost 8 pound but has put it back on again.  The Dr gave him an antibiotic which helped that tho it still happens but the throwing up, surely sisnt normal after a year?


  • Hello SamanthaN

    I am sorry that your partner is having trouble with his eating a year after his surgery for oesophageal cancer. It must be distressing for him and a worry for you. It is good to see that he has seen his doctor and that an antibiotic has helped a bit. 

    Are you able to contact his doctor again to explain that he is still having problems daily with vomiting and ask for some advice. It sounds like it is something that needs checking out again as this is going to make him feel really poorly if it continues. He may be able to be referred to have some dietician support or similar? 

    In the mean time I have had a look and found a bit of advice on here about eating after his treatment which may be helpful. On it is says that it can take a year for the digestive system to adjust to the changes.

    Eating after treatment for oesophageal cancer | Macmillan Cancer Support

    I hope this helps a little



    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

  • Hi Jane thank you for the info, he has an appointment wuth Dietician next week so maybe she can help.  I will have a read over this now.

    Thanks again

  • That sounds positive, I hope the dietician has some practical advice to stop the vomiting. It must be really unpleasant  to experience it. Good luck with the appointment Jane


    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

  • Hi sorry to hear your partner is struggling Dietician is the way to go for as much advice about eating regime. Little & often is the key. I had my op in Sept 2019 and also struggled  for quite a while I was told pre op that is life changing but me being a fighter took that with a pinch of salt. Struggled to gain weight  for a long time and loss of appetite  but I learnt if I fancy something eat it  doesn't matter what time of day there is no breakfast lunch & tea rule also I battled at night time being sick and I found out don't eat at least 2hrs before bed and a big lifesaver was an elevated sleeping posture either tilt your bed if possible  or raise yourself with back rest you can order from amazon good look hope my rant helps xx

  • Thanks for your reply, he has gained 4 stone again like you he prods along very positive and goes back to gym as much as he can.  Its the throwing up that is holding him back, I think your right on eating close to bed time its def a no go or we are up all night long.  Will see what the dietician has to say.

    Thanks again

  • Hi Samantha, has the nurse or specialist mentioned stretching at all as sometimes scar tissue can cause the vomiting so he might need an endoscopy to check and may need a simple stretch procedure. I’m one year post surgery and although not really a problem yet I do sometimes feel like the food is going to come back up and maybe a teaspoons worth will come up again if I’ve eaten too much or too quickly.  I find the earlier in the day I start eating and if I graze throughout the day fairly often, the easier it is to eat! 

  • HI, he has had about 5 stretches done they help for a couple of days then back to normal gain.  Debating weather I should call someone or not he hates to make a fuss but im worries something is wrong, hes been throwing up last 30 minutes pretty bad but yet hasnt eaten in 3 hours

  • Call the help line number you have. They will advise you the best and probably get him into hospital for some checks ups. Err on the safe side, call for help. They won't mind.

  • Thank you, I spoke with Macmillan nurses (didnt think I could call them since its been over 6 months) the girl is contacting the consultant to see what to do next..

    Thanks for the advice

  • My husband is the same , he has a endoscopy to check said everything looks fine , upped his antibiotics but still the same , he can eat something today and be fine , have the same tomorrow and sick again , maybe try the dietician .