Doctors strike.

I was due to have my meeting today to discuss end of treatment assessment, I was told last week my appointment was cancelled due to I'll health, I have no problem with this , but it does make me wonder if it were true, I know all the consultants have had to take on the work of the junior doctors but people have had their appointments cancelled treatment stopped, operations cancelled,  I've been this journey for 10 months now the worry and heartache  has not been easy, we all want answers.  I don't know when my next appointment is going to be scheduled but I would love an answer so I can carry on and get my heart bypass sorted, rant over for now and I do agree that junior doctors need a pay rise but at what cost, I am sure there are people going through a lot worse than I am ,i hope you all beat this thing, and i wish you all the best. 

  • A sad and conflicting position to be in. I have my initial meeting for results and prognosis on Wednesday. I'm expecting it to be postponed, but crossing everything that I have that it won't.

    Like you say it's all about getting answers rather than filling in the unknown with worst case scenarios.

    A heart bypass too! How unlucky are you?

    What a sad position our health service is in right now. All because of the lack of investment over the years. All politicians have a lot to answer for and be shamed about. It's the sick who are paying the price. Extra unnecessary suffering and deaths caused.

    We should be leading the rest of the world not continuously falling behind. Come on government get it right. Rant over....

    Waiting is the worst. Good luck going forward. I hope you get your meeting soon and that it is all good news.