My sister is free of cancer and pain has GONE ! Positivity for all here

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After the Chemo/Radiotherapy  (from November 2022) with the Oncologist who said besides scarring in her throat , the cancer is gone ! amazing! IT IS WORTH IT ! she no longer has pain when swallowing now :)

Her weight is going back up after the NG tube was removed and she is Enjoying Food and Life again !

She does feel tired easily and a little off balance but still she wants to go back to work part time-with some slight adjustments -sitting down more than anything else.

They have been So supportive ,kind and there for her too.

She will have regular check ups 3 monthly for the 1st year then 6 monthly checks for up to 5 years (and just imagine all the possible medical advances too in this timeframe!)  

 That this cancer is in remission right now has surprised us all and gives such HOPE !

Her original prognosis at age 60 and stage 4 was 18 months to 3 years but now they have extended this  to possibly 5 years? !!!

Love and lightness to all of you going through this or any Cancer treatments x

  • Hi what great news. Gives hope to us all. Thank you for sharing.

    I'm a little confused by your statement that she has five years. I thought you said she was all clear of cancer??

  • Hello, for now , the Oncologist said she is clear of cancer for now , he didn't explicitly say my sister has 5 years left, just that they will do these check ups for up to 5 years.So we take it from there that her life expectantcy has been extended Possibly as far as 5 years . 

    Reoccurrence of this type is high sadly however It seems very dependant on the individual case -their age and stage of cancer.

  • Hi 5th, thank you for the explanation.

    I hope we don't see you on here again.. Laughing

  • Hi so the prognosis was stage 4 cancer and they have made your sister cancer free that's amazing enjoy every moment waiting to hear what the results are of my dad's 6 biopsies they took its in the lower osophegus area and he is in so much pain and so so tired worried sick we all are as a family I'm 31 and my dad's 64. So scared he has a ct scan on Friday 7th July. Fingers crossed the cancer hasn't spread x

  • Yes was stage 4 and it all started with pain when she swallowed even with water.My sister was not eating or drinking,losing weight alarmingly (she started off at only 7.5 stone! and becoming dehydrated, she was put on the NG feeding tube, chemo ,radiotherapy ,hospital visited for fluids etc 

    They weren't able to operate on her tumour which was in the same/ similar position as your Dad- lower in the oesophagus, so chemo and radiotherapy were used. We watched her become so frail and tired especially over this Christmas .

    Then after her treatment finished ( which made her as ill as people say Chemo/R,therapy does once it really kicks in)

    At the end of March 2023 Yes!, her oncologist said that the cancer is gone , it hadn't spread and she is now in remission.

    She is feeling more tired easily ,a little off balance at times and some foods are still easier to eat than other BUT the intense pain has gone. She is back out socialising and had a party to celebrate with us all 3 weeks ago where she Danced most of the night and went to bed at 4.30 am (she always has been the night owl!).She is planning to return to light duties at work as well.Weight is coming back on and we are all so amazed and happy...     However we know this is Remission and so are making the most of time with our sister as none of us know whats in the future.


  • Oh my. I'm so happy for her. 

    I'm a bit confused too by the 5 years prognosis. 

  • Really good news to hear…Wishing her a healthy and happy  future Heart

  • Thank you :).  She was told by the oncologist the above info plus this ......." then 6 monthly checks for up to 5 years"   As we all know the Drs cant say definitely how long anyone has left but as they gave this information to her we take it that perhaps with she may go on for up to 5 years or even beyond. Some people do amaze the Drs with progress especially as medical advances are happening all the time.

    As the Drs are giving her information and advice to what checks will be in place ..." 6 monthly checks up to 5 years "  we are assuming this might be a possibility for her as he gave her this time frame -of course its not guaranteed but if her diagnosis was as much lower surely the Oncologist wouldn't have put this in a letter to her as well as told her this ?  maybe this is standard for this type of cancer as long as its not spread elsewhere ,     6 monthly checks for up to 5 years means they will be keeping a close eye on her progress , we are under no illusion as to what Remission means though.

    Does remission mean cancer is gone?
    Remission means that the signs and symptoms of your cancer are reduced. Remission can be partial or complete. In a complete remission, all signs and symptoms of cancer have disappeared. If you remain in complete remission for 5 years or more, some doctors may say that you are cured.