Update on staging

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The other week I posted as my dad had been told he had stage one oesophageal cancer but was awaiting a PET scan. He had his PET scan last Wednesday and today attended for his fitness and medical test only to be taken aside with the doctor to be told operating was no longer an option as the cancer has Metastasis to the liver. All our worlds came crashing down. Was just looking to see if anyone else is or has been in the same situation please

  • Hello - I’m in the EXACT same position with my dad  x 

  • Oh I am so sorry you are in this horrible nightmare too... has your dad been told anything more we had his appointment with the oncologist today x

  • There must be a reason, but why does it take so long from being told you've got cancer to getting the staging advice and follow up medical procedures?

    I would wonder why you can't have the operation and hope that chemo would help with the liver part. Or, why can't they take away the part of your liver that's affected.

    I'm sure there is good medical reasoning that I don't understand.