Eating Back to Normal after 1st FLOT session

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Hi Everypeeps!

Did anyone else have a noticeable improvement in their eating (appetite and types of food tolerated) after their very first FLOT session? I had mine on Monday and today actually looked forward to eating my breakfast for the first time in a long time!



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  • Hi Antony,

    Yes, I had the very same experience. My first FLOT was on the 13th December 2023 and I was able to enjoy my Christmas dinner on the 25th. Not something I had anticipated being able to do. I have now just commenced my post-surgery FLOT. Lack of appetite is more of an issue to me now than the actual mechanics of swallowing. Good luck with your continuing treatment 

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    Yes, my husband had the same reaction after his first chemo cycle and he’d been  totally reliant on his JEJ feeding tube at that stage ...By the fourth one he was eating everything and anything .

    Wishing you well with your ongoing treatment 

    regards J