Worried about a break for my husband

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I'm new to this.  My husband was terminally diagnosed with esophageal cancer in June.  12-18 months.  He has had his 6 rounds of chemo, and the scans show that it hasn't grown, but hasn't shrunk.  He now has a 3 month break.  I'm worried that this is too long.  Can the cancer grow in this short space of time? 

Thank you, and any advice given warmly received and much appreciated

  • Hello Alo

    I hope you do not mind me responding as I had a different type of cancer to your husband. By doing so it will bump your post and hopefully someone will see it and offer some support.

    I am sorry to hear of your husband's diagnosis of oesophageal cancer in June. I hope that you are both being well supported during this difficult time.

    I also had chemo and it can be tough at times. From my own experience with chemo there needs to be a break to give the body a chance to recover from the treatment and for all the bloods etc to build up again. And during this time there is still some protection and it is still having some affects. That is how it was explained to me.  I can understand your concerns about having a 3 month break but it seems that the chemo has stabilised the cancer- ie its not shrunk but it hasn't grown. 

    The best person to speak to about your worries is his CNS who should be able to answer any specific questions. However it may be worth calling the Support Line and speaking to one of the nurses who would be able to talk you through his specific chemo and cancer and be able to give you some general information that may help reassure you.

    Hope this helps a bit, but if there is anything else you need, then please do ask. 



    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

  • Hi Alo

    I'm not an expert by any means but it will depend on which type on cancer it is. I have oesophagal cancer too and luckily for me the FLOT chemo treatment has reduced my tumour but still need surgery to remove it later this month. My tumour was 5cm at diagnosis so fairly small. Not sure how much it has shrunk but it's enough for surgery to go ahead.

    Talk to your Cancer team I'm sure they will reassure you and explain everything

    There are so many different types of cancer and everyone is different to how they respond to treatment

    Wish you all the best


  • Hi Alo,

    How did your husband get on with his break from treatment.

    Hope he is doing well.