Mother diagnosed with gall bladder cancer

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Hi, my mothers been diagnosed with gall bladder cancer and started chemotherapy and immunotherapy today. I’m 20 years old and my mother is my best friend. I don’t know a lot about the cancer but I do know it’s aggressive. I had never really heard of this cancer before so I think the unknown is what is making it scarier. I was wondering if there’s anyone on her with any advice or if you have a parent with the same type of cancer or even if you have a child my age and they have found a healthy way of coping and could send me some tips Slight smile

Thank you 

  • Hi, Ewill, 

    I know the diagnosis of this cancer is a terrific shock, I had never heard of it until they found it when they they took my gallbladder out.

    I am an elder, and my children and grandchildren have worried about me. I'm on oral chemo,  and I'm doing fairly well, but the worst thing is waiting for results of blood tests, CT scans, surgery,  etc.

    This tricky canceris unpredictable,  so it's good to have a positive attitude. 

    Best of luck to you.

  • Hi Ewill,

    I'm so incredibly sorry to hear about your mum, how is she doing? Is she handling the treatment ok? 

    Like most of us here in this group we hadn't heard of Gallbladder cancer either until we were either diagnosed or a family member was and then it was a scramble to find any kind of information on the subject. I feel your pain, my daughter is a little older than you, 23 years old but has been on this path with me since she was 16, I was diagnosed in 2016 with stage 3 that progressed to stage 4 in 2021.  

    Each person is different, every cancer is different and even with the same type of cancer our bodies all respond differently I guess but I hope your mum responds well to the treatment Hugging

    I wonder if you could maybe find a local support group for young people? There may be a community group on Macmillan or have you considered ringing them? They are really kind and understanding people and they might be able to put you in touch with a peer group? 

    Again, welcome and sorry for your pain, it's the pits xx


  • Hi iris, thanks for the reply

    it was the same with my mother, the waiting for tests all the time and it didn’t help when the first biopsy came back inconclusive so that pushed the whole process back another 2 weeks.

    I’m glad to hear your doing well and clearly have a lovely family to support you through this.

    all the best xx

  • Hi Colette

    mams been good with treatment so far but it’s still very early days. I’m so sorry you’ve been going through this for so long, it’s only been a few months for me and it feels like a lifetime. I have looked at support groups but most of them stop at 18. I think I will ring up macmillan as I’ve seen many post of people praising their advice and support. Thank you for the reply and advice and I wish you and your family all the best xx

  • Hi my mum has just been diagnosed with advanced gallbladder cancer as it has spread.  Waiting for her to get a biopsy so she can start chemo.  The uncertainty is horrendous. They have said months but I am praying for at least 1 year. 

  • Hi Jk90 I'm sorry to hear about your mums diagnosis, it's an awful shock to be told you have cancer let alone that it is at an advanced stage.  The chemo can be tough but it's also a lifeline and I hope it goes well for your mum

    Colette x

  • Thanks colle. I'm really struggling. I can't stop thinking about it. I don't what I will do without her. X 

  • Again I totally understand, my kids were 16 and 18 when I was diagnosed and that was terrifying but I guess all you can do is leave nothing unsaid,  say the things you need to, do the things you need to and then you'll have no regrets xx

  • Thanks.  Feeling a bit better just now. How are you getting on? How long have you had it if you don't mind me asking. X