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Hi everybody I hope someone can help me.. I have booked a couple of trips in august and September this year, Munich and a cruise.. 

however I am struggling to get the best travel insurance as I will be finished my 6 month’s chemotherapy and then on 2 years maintenance therapy of rituximab every 2 months.. is this still classified as a further treatment as I confused… 

Does anybody know any good site’s companies I can use without charging me ridiculously amount. 
thanks so much 

  • Hi  this sounds great but getting affordable Travel Insurance can be a challenge and at times the price could be higher than the cost of the holiday.

    For me I had to be a clear 2 years in remission and on no treatment before I was given an affordable price.

    Being on 2 years maintenance therapy like rituximab every 2 months will most likely be seen as treatment by most Insurance Companies. Full disclosure is always advisable as in the event of you developing any issues this can reduce the risk of an insurance companies wriggling out from paying out.

    Comparison sites tend to use the same algorithms so getting a clear price can be difficult and it’s not that unusual to be turned down or told to call the insurers.

    It’s actually more effective to call a few insurers directly as this means that you have answered all the questions correctly and in doing this a suitable policy can be offered and price given.

    It’s important that your clinical team say you are fit to travel and get them to record this on your medical records…… and some insurance companies may ask for a letter from your Consultant confirming this.

    Have a look through the 'recommended travel insurance' thread in our Travel insurance group as it's where the majority of recommendations from other forum members are. Clicking on the link I've created will take you straight there. You might also want to look at this thread as it includes a link to a Travel Insurance Directory. 

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