Half way through R-CHOP

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I was diagnosed 3 years ago with FL. Lots of little tumours all over - no "B" symptoms.

And I have been reading your posts and comments ever since.

Like many others, after digesting the psychological twist of "watchful waiting," life went back to (close to) normal.

A few months back, however, I noticed one of my lumps become more active.

My hematologist/oncologist requested a PET scan and it turns out that two of my tumours had unusually high uptake readings.

Convinced that my FL had transformed - my doc had me begin R-CHOP immediately.

A biopsy was performed on one of the busy tumours and it turns out that there is no transformation - just a more aggressive version of FL.

This changed nothing in terms of my treatment plan.

The care has been overwhelming. I am filled with gratitude.

I can confirm that days 7-9 post R-CHOP are the pits. Today is day 12 and, thus far, it's a good one. Might have a whisky a little later.

Thanks for sharing your stories - they make a difference - best of luck to all. Merry Christmas - and may 2021 be one h@ll of a lot better than 2020.








  • Hi Ted, sounds like you are coping ok with rchop and being half way through is a great point to be at as the end is in sight, watch out for the cumulative effects as the next few treatments come along.

    Do keep us updated


    we all know this is a roller coaster ride, where we ride blind, never knowing where the highs and lows are
  • Hi Ted, well done navigating to this point and let’s look for the second half to be uneventful for you.

    At the start it all looks so daunting and impossible but the end is now in sight.

    Have as good a Christmas as restrictions allow and let’s look for positive developments early in 2021 so we can all move on with life.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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  • Thanks Mike. Very kind. A merry one to you as well.

  • Round 4 injections last Wednesday. My chemo nurse made an offhand comment regarding the peril of Covid during treatments. Has anyone seen data on this? 

  • Hi Ted not so sure the is any data, especially re the newer version of the virus, on the lymphoma action Facebook page the have been a small number of lymphoma patients who have posted they have had covid. Just cannot recall if many were in treatment. My advice would be continue to stay safe and minimise any risk and stay focussed on ending treatment, is it 6 rounds you are having?

    we all know this is a roller coaster ride, where we ride blind, never knowing where the highs and lows are
  • Thanks for this, John.

    Yes, 6 rounds of R-CHOP.

    Last one is scheduled for February 10th.

    I'm balancing the tension between living each day and dreaming of a post-vaccine, post-chemo life...



  • Final R-CHOP is in the books... I am filled with relief and anticipation. My oncologist warned me to be prepared for a new normal. Not sure what to make of that... Subject to further pokes and scans, maintenance therapy looks to be in my future. I trust that this has minimal side effects. I'm energized by visions of the little joys - gatherings and connections with family, friends, and loved ones... Soon... Love and compassion to all of you plodding though these trials and tribulations.

  • We have all been there is some way..... ‘new normal’ is a phrase that is often used. 

    At times, living the post cancer journey is like living in a parallel universe - you can see your old life but regardless what you do you can not get back on that same path.

    Following my many years of treatment and now 5+ years into my post treatment life, a situation I was unwillingly put into. It did actually make me review life and everything that we once thought important.

    So some things from our old life are still in our lives but various aspects of our old life that were once seen as important were put in the bin and we don’t miss them.

    You may find it helpful to make a cuppa and have a look at this great paper After Treatment Finishes - Then What? by Dr Peter Harvey as it highlights the post treatment milestones that will have to be navigated.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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    1. Hi everyone 2 years ago  I started on this  journey  and to be honest I couldn't see  away  out thanks for everything you  all done  had  my results  of 3rd scan  no  more  emmune treatment needed so for now iv e been given a clean bill of health  wish everyone all the best  carl /clecker