Occular melanoma

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Hi All

I was diagnosed just over a month ago after getting blurry vision in my eye and going for a routine eye test, I opted to have my eye removed instead of proton beam therapy, I have just returned home from Liverpool from having my surgery, is anyone able to talk me through the recovery and the next steps who has had this done please 


  • Hi  

    A warm welcome to our community though we are always a little bit sorry to see people join our forum.

    I noticed your post had not had a reply yet and so did not want you to think it had not been read though I am sorry as my wife's cancer is quite different so I have no experience to share with you.

    I wonder if it might help you to ring the helpline as there are experts there on all forms of cancer and lots of experience - 0808 808 0000 it is open from 8am to 8pm every day.



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