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So here I am just over 2 weeks later waiting on my latest MRI scan result, 19 months since my original OM diagnosis. It’s very stressful waiting. I am consumed by the statistics ie 40% or so get metastasis (mainly in the liver) and that the outlook is poor, even with treatment. I am tempted to discontinue the scans to avoid the stress and due to the fact that treatment options don’t offer much. Has anyone else done this or thought about doing so?



  • Hi Surfer boy, interesting post. I have secondary metastasis in the bones, so i am one more step ahead of you thats if it ever happens to  you which i hope it never does.I lost a friend to secondary liver cancer only last year in fact. We both got diagnosed with secondary cancers within a couple of months of each other in 2020. I dread all my MRI, CT scans ect like everybody does  its so stressfull and my anxiety levels are out of control. I actually had my CT scan and a bone biopsy yesterday so its a double whammy for me. But this is all besides the point, although my friend was unlucky enough to have had the secondar in her liver and yes she passed in just over 3 years had she not of had the scans she would not have had that extra time with her family and friends who loved her. You say the treatment for liver cancer does not offer much, i know of other who have a much better prognosis and are still around today. I really do think how early its caught helps a lot and that can only happen if you attend all the scans. Secondary cancer in the liver is not all gloom and doom i have known other who have had it elsewhere and passed a lot quicker, there is a lot to be taken into concideration when one is diagnosed with secondary cancer of any part of the body. If i had advice to give it would be attend all scans and if you were ever in this situation remember there is a lot of new drugs out there now to keep us all going that extra mile. Wishing you Well

  • Thank you for your thoughtful response. That’s certainly given me food for thought. I think I’m currently biased as I’m in that state of heightened anxiety while waiting. Struggling to do my job while it’s my eldest daughter’s 18th in 2 days and just putting one foot forward is so hard while the uncertainty re MRI continues to loom. 
    I wish you all the best with your health and happiness