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I’m 47, and about 25 years ago the opticians discovered a “lump” in my eye and I was referred to hospital. I have had my lump checked on an annual basis ever since but on 7 December at my routine appointment I was told that my lump had grown. 11 days later I was seen by Professor Heimann at St Paul’s Eye Hospital and received the devastating news that i had cancer. Wow….! What a rollercoaster Christmas I have had! I’m scheduled for Proton Beam Radiotherapy week commencing 12 February but I am really struggling to come to terms with it all. I keep getting overwhelming feelings of anxiety and worry that my whole life is going to change forever. How do you ever come to terms with a cancer diagnosis? Has anyone else undergone Proton Beam Radiotherapy? And if so, do they have any long term effects from the treatment? Thank you. 

  • Hi Nikki

    sorry to hear of this. It’s a huge shock initially. I was diagnosed 18 months ago in Liverpool and had plaque treatment. I’m afraid I can’t advise re proton beam. I’ve lost some eyesight but not too bad. I have 6 monthly liver scans and am having one today. I can say that you do adjust from where you are initially and resume your life. That said, it never leaves my mind (mainly re liver metastasis) but it’s more a passing thought for the majority of the time.  You will adjust certainly from where you are currently. 

    good luck


  • Thank you Paul. Good luck with your scan and best wishes for future health.