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Hello I have just joined the forum as my wife has been diagnosed with a melonoma of the eye. She has just had treatment with a radioactive plaque at Moorfields. I thought it would be good to contact people who have been going through the same situation

  • I hope your wife is making a good recovery. I had plaque radiotherapy last July. It was all a shock at the time although I am in a much better place now, in spite of ongoing eye issues and worries re liver etc. 

  • Hi Surfer Boy

         Thank you. She is improving but I wondered   How long it takes for the eye to fully open .

    She has been referred to the local oncology department for follow up. Will they take scans and blood tests?

    thanks for your responses

  • Hi

    it took well over a month for my eye to open up and I was reassured that that was normal. I was given an ultrasound of my liver at the time of radiotherapy and now have 6 monthly MRIs of the liver and blood tests locally. I have regular eye reviews locally and 6 monthly checks up in Liverpool where I was first treated. 

    I am not sure why your wife has been referred to local oncology. You should have been given the contact of a key worker at Moorfield so I would enquire there. My key worker has been very helpful. 

    I was particularly affected by disabling fatigue which lasted 6 months. That has now gone. 

    Hope that helps and try to take each day as it comes as it’s all a lot to take in initially.

  • Thank you - that is very helpful.

    will take your advice to contact the Moorfields support nurse.

    You are right -it is a lot to take in at first.

  • Hi, I am about to travel from Northern Ireland to liverpool for plaque treatment on a melanoma. I am terrified and don't know what to expect. Would you be able to tell me how your wife dealt with the procedure and aftermath, thanks

  • Hello

        My wife was treated at Moorfields in London but I assume the process is the same. We. We’re both very apprehensive as we had never heard of this treatment before. The nursing staff are very reassuring- it is an everyday event for them of course. She was in Moorfields for three days in total and was very tired when discharged. Her eye was closed with a dressing over it and we were given eye drops and ointment to take with us. I gave the medication and it was a few weeks until her eye opened properly. Apart from tiredness she has recovered well.

    I hope that you are reassured. You will have a support nurse who will be able to answer any questions.

  • Hi

    i was treated at Liverpool last June. I experienced no discomfort or pain and did not need painkillers. The hardest thing was being 200 miles from home. From my experience I would not worry about the brachytherapy. 

    Fatigue afterwards was hard and lasted 6 months. My eye was reluctant to open for over a month. I had my 2nd review in Liverpool last week and everything is going well. The tumour has shrunk. You’re in very capable hands. 

    Try not to worry although I appreciate that that is hard

    All the best