Proton Beam Therapy

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Hello. I am 56 years of age and just had Proton Beam Therapy (Clatterbridge in Liverpool) for a malignant Melanoma in my eye. It was found a few years ago after a regular eye check up at Boots. I was referred to my local hospital, who then referred me to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. It has been growing slowly over a period of years and that was the 1/5 of the tick boxes. Because it is close to optic nerve, we decided to go ahead and have it radiated. This was last week and I must say, I did not like it at all - found mask really uncomfortable but to think it is zapped and dying, is great. I’m due my CT scan at end of month. I’m anxious about the future. 

  • Hi Stellie

    Yes it’s all a bit of a shock and it’s understandable to be anxious about the future. I was diagnosed aged 56 last June and had plaque radiotherapy. Two liver scans since and all good. I’m not quite sure how to advise you but I’ve spoken to MacMillan support line a few times and they have been excellent. Keeping busy helps too with the worrying. I also had access to a health psychologist via my treatment in Liverpool, which also had some benefit. Good luck on your journey and try to remain positive (not easy I know)..

  • Thank you. Believe it or not but you have helped. I wanted to know if it was positive to have liver scans that were clear! Hoping so much. My MRI scans are going to happen on 27 March. It all seems a bit surreal at the moment. My vision is still good. I just have an achy eye but I know 3 - 4 weeks after, I will start to lose vision. it’s all a bit overwhelming. Glad to read you are doing well though.

  • It’s a lot to deal with; on the one hand the eye and then the liver. I have good weeks and then some bad ones, where I still feel overwhelmed by it all. It’s still early days for me too. I’m better than I was though so hopefully in time one becomes more accustomed to it all.