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Just a heads up, if you are going to have your MRI scans for your liver done at your local hospital make sure they are familiar with scanning people with eye markers after proton beam treatment. before your appointment.  I had a real problem initially as they wanted to know specific details about these tantalum markers before they would put me on a machine. Make sure you get this information emailed to you from your cancer nurse so you can then give it to your local hospital electronically. I have learnt  communication between different NHS trusts rarely works smoothly as often they fall short on this front and you  really need to be very proactive!! I think this is probably due to our condition being so rare and Moorfield usually refer you to their nearby linked London hospitals but then  when you are in the system you get referred to your own local hospital!

  • Not everyone gets MRI. Some people get ultasound - don't know what difference it really makes.

  • No idea as to why you get the checks you do, could depend on  your NHS trust  but a nurse said it was the preference of my oncologist.  I have to have dye injected for the mri  scan . I just know i have to go on the right machine for the markers due to the magnetic field and heat  safety on the  tantalum markers.Maybe I will get ultrasounds  in the future. I guess I wait and see!