Diagnosed 23 SEP 2022 choroid melanoma in left eye

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Hello everyone. I have been diagnosed with choroid melomona not long ago and still trying to get my head round it. I go into Moorfield hospital next week to have clasps fitted then in Nov I have to go to Liverpool and have a proton Beam treatment. I Gota say I'm petrified. Dreading it. Soz for being a scaredy cat.

  • Hello i went through this earlier this year. i had my op at Moorfields. they were amazing and very supportive. i was not aware of anything during the procedure. My eye looked sore for a couple of weeks but it was ok. Again the staff at Clatterbridge in liverpool were amazing and v kind. You have got this!! i am now going up to moorfields every 6 months for checks and so far so good. 

  • I am so glad everything went well for you. It is a comfort to read this.. thank you 

  • Hello Lesley 4

    Once your get the markers in your eye will be sensitive for a week or so. it helps not to look too quickly to that side and even more to put your hand up like a horses blinker when you do look round.

    At Clatterbridge the actual treatment takes very little time each day and is totally painless - I was there over lockdown so nothing else to do apart from go back to the hotel and relax but i know people before that used the time to explore Liverpool