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I've been having 3 monthly appointments at Moorfields for a suspicious 'freckle' in my left eye. Well, yesterday I found out its changed since my last visit. They are unsure if its ocular melanoma as the freckle itself has not changed but there is alot of fluid. This fluid is starting to affect my vision. A biopsy can not be taken as its too tiny and too close to the optic nerve. The doctor thinks the best option is proton beam therapy. I'm trying to get my head around this... Its overwhelming...

  • Good Morning

    i can fully understand how you are feeling. i went through the same thing in february. i was diagnosed with ocular melanoma. i had surgery at Moorfields followed by proton therapy in liverpool. The staff at Moorfields and at Liverpool were so very kind and supportive. Im now just about to have a mri on my liver and meeting an oncologist locally for regular checkups. You can do this. i'm happy to answer any questions that you might have.

  • Hi there, I am going through the exact same situation at the moment. My mole has also not changed since monitoring over the past 2 years but is also leaking fluid. Ophthalmologist has suggested watch and wait but I would prefer to get treated so am going to get plaque in September. Just wondering did you go ahead with treatment