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I was diagnosed with an ocular melanoma in November 2021 and pretty recently had treatment.

I went for my standard 2 yearly eye test and mentioned to the optician that I was seeing floaters. She took a look and said 'think you might have a detached retina, but let me make a phone call'. She called me back into the room and told me that the hospital would see me instantly so just to head up there.

I headed up and underwent a series of viosion tests including a quick scan, the doctor then said the words I'll never forget ' I think you might need to see a colleauge of mine, in onoclogy, you have a mass in your eye'.

2 days later I was back to the eye clinic to see the consultant and told I had to go to Gartnavel Hospital in Glasgow for more extensive tests as they have more accurate machines.

2 weeks later, I spent 4 hours in Gartnavel undergoing extentive scans, MRI's, liver scans and then was told that for certain 'you have a 10mm ocular melanoma in your right eye, do you have anyone here with you?' . They then went through the various treatment options and advised radiotherapy.

22nd December I was admitted to Gartnavel to have the tantallum markers fitted to my right eye as a guide for the radiotherapy beam and advised that I would be going to Clatterbridge on the Wirral for the radiotherapy

Last week in January I went on a 2 day trip to the Wirral for the fitting of my 'phantom mask' and adviised of my treatment dates. 2 weeks later, I took the train back to Bebington to stay in a lovely hotel and undergo 5 days of radiotherapy on their cyclotron.

Since then I have had a video appointment with my Gartnavel consultant, who due to the pain I was describing has referred me to see the eye clinic here, and awaiting that appointment.

I know my follow up with Gartnavel. in person, is in June, but every ache or itch I get now worries me.

I've totally lost the sight in my right eye, and recently woke up unable to focus my left one,so panicking as my ultimate fear is losing my sight

  • Hi and a very warm welcome to the online community which I hope you'll find is an informative and supportive place to be.

    I don't have the same type of cancer as you but I do know how frightening it can be when you notice something different about your body. I think we probably all feel that our bodies have let us down big time and an ache or pain that we would have just shrugged off as just that before our cancer diagnosis becomes magnified.

    I can totally understand how frightened you must be at the thought of completely loosing your sight. I know you've said that you have an appointment in June but could you speak to your cancer nurse specialist/key worker and see if you could see someone before then to get your eyesight checked?

    Take care


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