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Hello. I have recently been diagnosed with melanoma in my right eye. Still coming to terms with it. Has anyone got any advise please.   Thanks

  • Hi

    I 'spoke' to you when you posted in the melanoma group and suggested that you might like to join this group. I'm sorry to see, therefore, that you haven't had any replies to your post yet.

    Having done a search I found quite a few people who have posted about having ocular melanoma and you can read their posts if you click here. If you think they might be able to help you further you can respond by clicking on 'reply'.


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  • Hello Stu 

    do you have any specific questions. i will answer if i can.

    I was diagnosed a year ago and have had several trips to liverpool since for  confirmation of initial diagnoses, for marker insertion for Beam therapy  prep, for the actual therapy and for a couple of check ups (will really need to plant some trees to counteract all that flying).

    all the Liverpool staff were very nice although it was a bit strange going during lock down but as i looked at it i could travel and no one else could.

  • Any updates Stu pot. How are you doing now.

    have you treatment scheduled?