I’m new and need some advice xx

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Last week, a routine optician appointment ended in me being urgently referee to the hospital as they round a raised irregular growth on the back of my eye (nasal Retina)

the hospital received  the referral at 11am today, and was on the phone with an appointment by 12.30, I’m going to see the specialist early next week.

as you can imagine, I’m worried sick. 

can Anyone tell me what to expect at the appointment? Waiting times for results? I’ve read one things that says that it will be a couple of weeks for results, others that say the ophthalmologist would be able to tell if it’s a melanoma just buy looking at it..

so I totally don’t know what to expect. Any advice would be greatly appreciated  

thank you in advance x

  • Hi  and welcome to the online community

    Waiting to see a consultant and then waiting for results is always a worrying time. It's good that you're seeing someone early next week as this at least means you'll have less time to worry.

    I did not have the type of cancer that you're worried you might have but the same advice really applies to any type of illness. Firstly, stay away from Dr Google because he always diagnoses cancer even if you have the symptoms of an ingrowing toenail! At this moment in time you really have no idea what it could be, unless your optician has already told you.

    Secondly, it's really helpful if someone can go with you as a second pair of ears. Even though you think you'll remember everything you're told you won't and it's useful to be able to chat things through with someone who was there afterwards.

    Thirdly, write down any questions that you think about between now and when you go next week. Take the list with you and don't leave the consultation until you have asked them all and written down the replies. If you don't understand something that you're told don't be afraid to ask the consultant to explain it again. They are used to speaking in medical jargon and sometimes forget that we don't always understand what they mean.

    As I haven't had my eye examined I can't tell you what will happen at your appointment. As you say your appointment is early next week it would be a good idea to give the Macmillan Support Line a call on 0808 808 0000. It's free to call, available from 8am to 8pm daily and you can ask one of the specialist nurses what you can expect.

    The best person to ask about length of time for results is the consultant that you'll be seeing as it'll depend on what they do and how long results are currently taking in your area of the country.

    Finally, try not to worry. Easier said than done I know but it won't change the results and will just make you miserable in the meantime. If it does turn out to be eye cancer then there are plenty of people on this forum to support you and answer questions and, hopefully it won't be.

    Please do come back and let us know how you get on next week.

    In the meantime I'm sending a supportive ((hug))

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  • Hi I was diagnosed with ocular melanoma 5 years ago mine was found by regular check at opticians then they sent me to local hospital in Northampton ,they never had the equipment there to diagnose although they had a  rough idea ,got sent to Liverpool university hospital ,where I was diagnosed with ocular melanoma ,5 and a half years on still living life to the full ,don't be scared take in what they say you'll be fine I have 6 monthly tests for liver scans and blood tests for the rest of my life I'm now 62 and still drive although the operated eye has lost a bit of sight ,hope this gives a bit of what might happen if it is a melanoma ,

    regards Graham

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    Hi, what hospital have they referred you too? If you search for the Liverpool ocular oncology, you’ll find information on what to expect when you are referred to them.  If you’re referred to another hospital they may have similar info but the Liverpool site info shouldn’t differ too much.  

    Most people referred to them aren’t diagnosed with eye cancer but if you are, life will be different and involve some treatments and regular checks but you will be supported and lots of people have this condition so you’ll be able to talk to others in more active groups if need be. 

    Please do ask if you have any other questions xx

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    Good morning jo2009, wrighty 57 did say he had had the treatment 5 1/2 years ago.  Cheers,  Tony.

  • The same happened to me! I got my appointment first at the local hospital and the ophthalmologist got some scans done !

    when I went back in after the scans he told me I had a suspicious lesion behind my eye! I kinda knew something wasn’t right as I was seeing like half a walnut shape in the centre of my eye to my nose area ! I also had flashing lights like bird beaks ! 

    I was urgently referred to the main Eye hospital in Glasgow ! Where more scans were done and ultra sound and ICT scans ! 

    I waited a week for my  appointment ! If the freckle is flat and grey in colour it’s harmless ! If it’s misshapen and orange it’s not 

    thats what I know and hope it helps you ! Just ask them to tell you ! Try not to be overly worried it may be harmless ! Good luck with everything x

  • Thanks for your comments on here ! I’m looking for some positivity jus now after an anxiety meltdown today ! Things sound positive for you well done ! Did you have radiation therapy ? 

  • Thanks for your comments on here ! I’m looking for some positivity jus now after an anxiety meltdown today ! Things sound positive for you well done ! Did you have radiation therapy ?