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Hi I have been newly diagnosed with ocular melanoma.

Mine is going around my eye so would be difficult to treat other than taking my eye out which I am having done at the end of Sept! I am so scared at what the future holds as I am 37 years old with 2 kids and a hubby! I am trying to stay positive but it's very hard! I am thinking once my eye has been removed I am cancer free and will just continue with my 6mthly scans and pray and hope for the best. I had a mri and ct scan a couple of weeks back and all were clear! Many thanks 

  • Hi Panda

    i am sorry to hear of this. I had plaque radiotherapy for OM last July. It’s a huge thing to deal with but trust me it does generally get better. You should have a caseworker to advise you/answer any questions and there is also Ocumel. Just take things one day at a time. I’m happy to answer any further questions or chat if it would help you.

    best wishes 


  • Hi Paul 

    Sorry to hear you are going through it too it is a hard thing to deal with!

    Thank you for the reply I'm hoping once my eye is gone i can try and move forward! How do you cope with the routine scans?

    Best wishes


  • Hi Panda

    i have to say I do struggle a lot around the time of the liver scan and awaiting the result is very stressful. The liver situation is rarely out of my mind although in between scans it bothers me much less. I have even contemplated not having them and letting fate plays its card. This might be easier for me as I’m nearly 58. I chose not to have a biopsy. I think it’s pretty normal to feel stressed at these times. My next one is in January and rather than sitting around waiting for the result I’m thinking of heading off to Morocco to surf and get to another place in my head. 

    Not sure if this helps 


  • Hi surfer boy

    I think I will struggle alot when I have to have the scans it's such a worry and waiting for the results!yes your right to get yourself gone and some where else and live your life knowing you are clear and long may it continue for you! We are going to disneyland at Xmas to get away and forget all this and make memories hopefully many more. My next scan will be fed I think as I had one a couple of weeks back so I'm guessing it will be 6mths from that one.

    Best wishes