Radical hysterectomy

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Hello I’m new, so hello!

im going in on Wednesday for my op I’m all over the place and so scared and nervous. Has anyone had the op? Any advice would be much appreciated right now. Hope you are all ok sending so much love to you all, it’s all very scary and all very new. Only got diagnosed 3 wks ago xx 

  • Hi again  

    I’m sure your post here will attract more attention and hope the ladies who’ve been through the surgery will see it and respond. I effectively had a radical hysterectomy myself, but it was part of a much bigger surgery for recurrence, so my experience will be very different as it only comprised a smaller part of what I had to have done.

    The positives for you are that your surgery is following very quickly after your diagnosis, and that you are an a stage which allows the surgery to happen. Quite a number of us weren’t able to have the surgery at diagnosis so went straight to chemoradiation, but there are ladies who’ve been through this in the group who can tell you about the op and recovery.

    It’s a lot to get your head round, isn’t it? That in itself can be difficult to deal with-processing getting a diagnosis and then being told you’re having a major surgery. Recovery will take a bit if time, and you’re going to need to take it very easy after your op. I hope you’ve got support at home to help you? No lifting, no housework etc-you’ll have a lot of healing to do inside, so don’t try to push yourself to do too much afterwards while that’s going on.

    Personally I was quite pleased not to have to do hoovering and ironing etc after a hysterectomy was attempted for me but was abandoned due to radiation damage before I had bigger surgery. I was still opened up, and stapled up again with nothing removed, but had the discomfort and bowel issues that can be common after this type of surgery and still had healing to be done. 

    It’s very natural to scared-this is a big deal, but if there’s anything you’re particularly worried about, please ask away. We’re happy to share our experiences and this is a safe place to get advice and support. Happy to have you with us!

    Sarah xx

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  • Many thanks, still trying to work out how to use this site but I’m getting there. Thank you for replying, it’s all very scary but this group is really good xx

  • Hi  

    I’m glad you’re finding the group helpful, and I know that  will be a great support for you having been through this already herself and you’ll get lots of good advice. 

    It can take a bit of time to get used to the site, but if you struggle with any of it just give me a shout. There’s lot of good resources in the community and useful information, and also the opportunity to ask questions of the nurses and use the support line(number in my signature) if you feel you need a bit of extra help at any time.

    Sarah xx

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  • Hi  

    welcome to the group

    I had a radical hysterectomy back in January so I understand your fears and worries.  It will be so easy for me to say its fine, dont worry, as most of us know in the group nothing anyone sats will stop the worry and fear.  However I can try to help you be prepared with some hints and tips to help you get through it all a little bit easier hopefully

    Are you having an open abdominal hysterectomy or laproscopic, I had open abdominal so I had so can only comment on my findings with that type.

    Firstly, once the procedure is done, ask them about giving you regular lactulose, this will help everything start “moving” a bit quicker through the bowels, which helps so much when trying to move around and get comfortable.  You will be full of gas for a good few days and this can be quite uncomfortable so take all the help you need to get things moving Ok hand tone1 and dont be afraid to let the gas out, worst thing to do is try to keep it in for fear of embarassment

    Get the lactulose to take home if you can as well or get some from your dr, i found it helped so much at home for the first few months - the less you have to strain the better, trust me

    Dont be scared of pain relief, keep taking regular pain meds even when you start to feel better.

    Make sure you have plenty of help where possible as you need to seriously listen when they say Dont Do Too Much - dont lift anything more than a cup of tea, dont strain for anything, be extremely cautious of anything that may exert your body.

    As soon as you are allowed/able, try to get out for little walks, I started just literally round the garden to start with and then went a little further up the road week by week.  Again make sure to listen to your body and dont over do it.  Small and steady for a good while.

    Comfy stretchy clothes are a must, comfier and looser the better Raised hands tone1

    Drink lots of fluids, keep hydrated.

    Dont try to rush getting well, take all the time you can  to get back on your feet.  Take the opportunity to totally rest and rehibilitate.  I undersrand not everyone has that luxury but if you can rest as much as possible.  I found Netflix and Amazon Prime a godsend

    Dont be afraid to phone the ward or your dr if you have any concerns, always better to ease your mind with anything that may be worrying you. 

    Also remember we are all different, some have a harder recovery than others, some people have other complications that others dont. Its a rollercoaster of a recovery but you will get through it.  It will feel like you may never recover somedays, but you will Heart and we are all here to support you through it.

    K️eep us updated if you feel you want to

    Sending you all the best wishes for your operation and recovery

    Kath xx

  • Hi Kath, 

    Im having a open abdominal hysterectomy I think she said I’d have a big scar so I’m guessing it’s the open abdominal one.

    Lots of great tips thank you, I’ll write all this down and take it with me. How long did you stay in hospital for? Snd how long was it before you could go for a little walk?

    I’ve got one more shift to go which is tomorrow then I’m off till end of February my work have been amazing and told me not to rush back but just get better. So thankfully I can rest and not worry about anything for a few mths, My husband is going to take two wks off to look after me then I’ll have my family popping in and friends to keep me company. 

    I haven’t watched any series saving them for when I’m in bed so lots to catch up on! 

    It’s going to be hard just resting as I’m so active I have a big cockapoo who I walk twice a day but thankfully I have dog Walker so that’s covered. But I’ll make the most of it resting.

    Are you all ok now then? Back to normal so to speak? 

    This site has been really helpful feel abit more at ease now thanks to everyone on here.

    Much love


  • Is there an app to use as I’m using it via Facebook? 
     Everyone has been so helpful I do feel abit at ease now listening to everyone’s experiences. 
    It all helps doesn’t it.

    Tome is creeping up and Wednesday is getting closer and closer.

    Em x

  • Also what pain relief did you have? X


    Yes you will definately have a scar with an open abdominal, to be honest im not sure a radical hysterectomy can be done laprascopically anyway.
    My scar is from my belly button down to the top of my pelvis.  It doesnt bother me at all - I call it my scar of strength

    I stayed in hospital a little over a week, but I had some other issues which kept me in a little longer.  I think its normall a few days. 
    And again I took a little longer to get out for little walks as I had a catheter in situ for 10wks post op so a little longer to get out and about.  I would give yourself a couple of weeks at least, give your body some well deserved rest and get those bowels moving more regularly and then when you feel you are getting cabin fever, get out for a little wander Ok hand tone1

    It sounds like you have the similar support to me which is fab.  Take advantage of all the fuss and take a well earned rest  

    Whatever you do make sure your cockapoo doesnt jump up on you Dizzy faceDizzy face

    Its so good to hear your work are being so good with you, mine were as well and it was such a big weight off my mind Ok hand tone1 take as much time as needed, dont rush back too soon.

    Due to my “rare” complications post surgery (see bio), i was off much longer than anticipated - I only went back to work in September, so was off for 7 months.  Initially I think they sign you off for 12 wks and then go from there. Make sure when you do go back to work you that you go back on a phased return, nicer to get back to work more gently

    Everyone is different and my complications post op were extremely rare so please dont worry about them, however the details are in my bio If you do feel you want to understand my situation more

    I am now fit and well and had the “all clear” two months ago and am back to my new normal which is fab Heart

    You’ve got this and all the support around you will be so beneficial to your recovery

    All the best Heart

  • Pain relief was morphine for the first 12 hours or more, i had a button to admister it myself Ok hand tone1Ok hand tone1then I think its the usual paracetamol and codine possibly.  You will more than likely have an anaethestic bottle attached for a couple of days as well which is slow releasing the anaesthetic to keep the pain at bay which is good

    My meds were a little different though because i developed sepsis within the first 48hrs so was on a few different antibiotics in hospital which continued at home, so a bit different to the norm. So actually not sure what meds they normally give you sorry. 
    You will be on clexane jabs as well to stop blood clots, due to lack of mobility.  You will have them to take home and administer yourself as well for 28day.  Once you have done jt a couple of times it becomes easier to stab yourself Rofl Some people find icing the area before injecting beneficial, but it only stings for a few seconds.  You will bruise though at every point the needle has entered, this is totally normal and they dissapear eventually once you have stopped the injections Ok hand tone1

  • My goodness it sounds awful what you went through! Us women are bloody tough aren’t we! 

    so your scar goes upwards then, my surgeon did say they weren’t sure what why they will cut me but I’m not bothered. 

    thank you got all your advice, I’m glad you are back to normal and have been given the all clear that’s just amazing news. 

    love Em xx